Chicago Man’s Search for Owner of Lost Wedding Ring Found in Wicker Park Goes Viral – NBC Chicago

The online story of a lost wedding ring that was found in Chicago is now swirling around social media, with thousands hoping to see if it will be returned to its rightful owner.

This past Sunday afternoon, Jonah Newman and his wife were walking their dog in the Wicker Park neighborhood when they stumbled upon a very small and important piece of jewelry on the sidewalk.

The ring features the words “I love you” and a date inscribed on the inside, which Jonah believes could be the wedding date and will be useful in helping verify who lost it.

Jonah took to twitter to share that he had found this ring and received an unexpected amount of attention.

“We found this wedding band on the sidewalk outside our house in Wicker Park while walking the dog. It’s inscribed with “I love you” and a date. Chicago, help me find its rightful owner?,” wrote Newman.

The tweet has garnered thousands of likes and retweets, with many sharing their own personal stories of having lost their own wedding bands.

“I definitely was not expecting the sort of response or outreach we’ve gotten. Really, I was just trying to find ways of letting people know we found it and getting the word out there,” Newman said.

Newman and his wife have also put up fliers around their neighborhood and posted about the ring on Facebook and the Nextdoor app.

Newman says one of the reasons that many have been able to connect with this story is because “… people are probably looking for a feel good story these days and hoping that there is a happy ending to this one.”

There is still no word on who lost the wedding ring, but Newman isn’t giving up hope that it will be returned to its rightful owner soon.

If you believe this ring might be yours, you can prove it to Newman by giving him the date that is inscribed inside the band and contacting him via Twitter here.