Chinese bride breaks down at her ‘forced’ wedding. Then this happened | World News

A wedding is the most special day of anyone’s life. For the bride, it’s something she’s been dreaming of since her childhood. But sometimes one’s wedding can be painful as well. A video of a bride has been widely shared on Chinese social media.

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The bride had an emotional breakdown at her wedding, admitting she does not love the groom and is only marrying for her parents. In the video, the bride wearing a white dress was seen bursting into tears without facing the camera.

The 20-year-old bride, Yan, from southwestern China expressed her pain in an online post saying that she was not looking forward to married life after she tied the knot with a man she had met on a blind date, South China Post reported.

However, she felt that she had to meet her parents’ expectations and cultural norms and subsequently got married, the post added.

Yan said, “My parents are getting older, and so am I. My relatives are pushing me, and neighbours gossip about me.”

She narrated her story saying she was under pressure to get married after meeting a man on a blind date, she married him despite having indifferences.

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“Getting married is to make my parents feel relieved. I feel that I don’t have a future for myself,” she said.

Her story has become the talk of the town among the netizens in China. Over 11,000 people have commented on her video, reported South China Post.

One person said that forced marriage is painful and she won’t be happy in her marriage while one user expected that the bride and the groom can build an intimate romance in their marriage.

In China, pressuring and forcing young people into marriage remains an ongoing cultural norm.

As per the report by South China Morning Post, the official survey of 2016 showed that in a year, Henan, Sichuan and Shandong provinces ranked highest in case of parents forcing their children into marriage.

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In 2021, in the traditional marriage age range of 20-40, there were 20 million more men than women, the report added.