Chinese Bride Breaks Down At Her Wedding

Her story has gone viral on China’s social media (Representational Image)

A 20-year-old Chinese bride video is going viral in China. The bride broke down on her wedding day and confessed that she is not in love with the man and she is getting married only to satisfy her old parents.

According to South China Morning Post, the bride surnamed Yan from Guizhou province in southwestern China, in an online post said that was not looking forward to getting married. She met the man on a blind date.

In the video, the bride is wearing a white dress, not looking into the camera and bursting into tears. Yan said she was getting married because of her parent’s expectations and cultural norms.

“My parents are getting older, and so am I,” Yan said. She added, “My relatives are pushing me, and neighbours gossip about me.”

She said that she was under a lot of pressure to get married and to end the pressure she met the man on a blind date and soon decided to marry him despite feeling indifferent towards him.

Yan said, “Getting married is to make my parents feel relieved. I feel that I don’t have a future for myself.”

Her story has gone viral on China’s social media with more than 11,000 comments. According to SCMP, some internet users said she won’t be happy in her marriage, while others hoped she would become happy.

A user commented, “Forced marriage is painful.”

Another user commented, “I’d rather feel sorry for others than for myself. Life is short. Why does she sacrifice herself in order to make other people happy?”

The third user wrote, “She looks very sad, but would she hurt her husband if she couldn’t love him?”

“I do hope that her husband is a good man, and they can build an intimate romance in their marriage,” the fourth expressed.

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