Chinese woman breaks down at her own wedding; says ‘marrying under parental pressure’

Representational image. Pixabay

For all of us who were born in the 90s are presently in our 20s and thus it is pretty normal to feel that particular pressure from our parents and society to get married. Abiding by their parents’ wishes, some do get married willingly or unwillingly, while some go all against society and lead their lives on their own. With that said, one such story has now surfaced on the internet where a woman broke down into tears at her own wedding and shared how she was forced to get married due to parental and societal pressure. Her story has gone viral on the internet and has left the internet upset and disappointed.

As reported by the Chinese media outlet, South China Morning Post (SCMP), the 20-year-old Chinese bride surnamed Yan broke down at her own wedding to later confess that she didn’t want to get married but had to do it just to satisfy her aging parents. A video from the wedding shows the bride in a white dress while having a sad face. Just before turning towards the camera, the bride burst into tears and blurted it out.

“My parents are getting older, and so am I. My relatives are pushing me, and neighbours gossip about me. Getting married is to make my parents feel relieved. I feel that I don’t have a future for myself”, she said.

The bride also added that in order to end all the pressure, she started looking for a suitable husband and went on a blind date. Despite having indifferent feelings for the man, the woman decided to get married to him.

Social media users who are upset with her state widely shared the story online. While some felt that the decision was not right and she wouldn’t be happy, a few others also hoped for her to be happy after the wedding.

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