Consider These Mother of the Bride Dress Trends for the Wedding Season

Wedding season is here! The post-pandemic world is here, and it is ready to celebrate bridal season all year long. And we are all for it! The venue is planned, the guests are all invited, the bride has her dress, the bridesmaid dresses have been picked… but what about the mother of the bride dress? The mother of the bride dress is almost as important as the wedding dress, itself, as the mother needs to stand out and shine, as well (just not quite as much as the bride). It may be the bride’s special day, but I bet no one will have more pride than the mother of the bride on this momentous occasion. Here are a few things to consider when picking out your mother of the bride dress and the styles that are currently in right now for women to wear as their daughters say, “I do!”

Style and Cut

It’s important to remember that the main focus of the wedding should be the bride, so be sure your dress doesn’t outshine hers. However, the mother-of-the-bride dress can definitely come in a close second. Be sure to pick a style and cut that makes a statement this wedding season. Current trending styles include dresses that have capes, lace, and sheer sleeves. Cape dresses are an all-time favorite of ours, as they are a great way to hide your shoulders if you’re not confident showing them while still stealing the show in a gorgeous frame-flattering dress. Most of us gain weight on our arms before anything else, and for people who believe their arms are their main problem area, cape dresses cover up the top of the arms and shoulders while still allowing you to show off the rest of your body, so they are a win-win. Dresses with sheer sleeves hide- but just barely, so you can confidently show off your arms with a bit of covering if you prefer. And lace detailing added to a dress is a really stunning choice, as well.

We also can’t forget tiered skirts. Tiered skirts are in, and they provide a dreamy, romantic element to any mother-of-the-bride dress. If you’re going for a more whimsical wedding idea, this is for you!

Celebrate Your Natural Self

Where we used to workout and diet and do anything we could to look slender and fit for our daughter’s wedding, we are now living in a time with an emphasis on body positivity! It’s super on trend to just be who you are naturally- whoever you really are! So, be the best version of you, whatever that means to you, and definitely don’t feel pressured to have to lose any weight to look beautiful at your daughter’s wedding. Plus, there is a wide variety of beautiful plus size mother of the bride dresses ready for you to wear with pride this year. No matter your size, you will surely look stunning.

Trending Colors

Once you’ve decided on your favorite style and cut of your plus size mother of the bride dresses, it’s time to think about the color for your dress based on what’s trending right now. Regarding mother of the bride dresses, the ultimate popular color that has withstood the test of time is navy. Most women choose navy for their daughter’s wedding. Is navy not for you? Instead, think about picking a gorgeous pastel dress or a dress in a neutral color. As far as mother of the bride colors go, the more subdued, the more chic, elegant, and in style it is.

Change it Up

If you’re looking to make a statement at your daughter’s wedding, why not? It’s been a rough couple of years, and we’re all ready to celebrate a bit by stepping out of our comfort zones. Think about wearing a stylish formal suit or jumpsuit instead of a traditional mother of the bride dress. If you’re looking to make a change and your daughter is comfortable with the choice, we think it’s a stellar idea to change things up and pick something completely unique regarding the type of attire you wear.

All in all, a wedding is a celebration of love, and a mother is there to shine and show her support. Choose a dress that makes you comfortable, one that makes you WANT to be seen, that give you confidence, and a dress that adds to the whimsical beauty of the overall wedding.