Convicted killer Dermot McArdle marries again in ‘hush hush’ nuptials near ex’s grave

Dermot McArdle, 53, was found guilty of manslaughter of his first wife Kelly Ann Corcoran in February after she fell from the fourth floor of a five-star hotel in Marbella

Dermot McArdle has tied the knot for second time

A convicted wife killer has tied the knot for the second time, marrying his young bride in a church ceremony yards from the grave of his first.

Dermot McArdle, 53, was found guilty in 2008 of the manslaughter of his first wife, Kelly Ann Corcoran, 29, who fell from a hotel balcony in February 2000.

Kelly Ann died from injuries the day after the fall from the five-star Melia Don Pepe Hotel in Marbella where the couple were staying with their sons.

Dad of four McArdle married his new bride Claire Dollard at St Fursey’s Church in Dundalk on Friday before celebrating at a nearby hotel.

The church is next to the graveyard where Kelly Ann lies.

Kelly Ann Corcoran on her wedding day


Daily Mirror)

A source told the Irish Sunday Mirror : “His bride has never been married before so she wanted a church wedding with the white dress.

“They tried to keep the whole thing hush hush, because he didn’t want it getting out in the media.

“It was all planned quietly, but she was delighted as she’s been looking forward to marrying him.

“There is a bit of an age gap between them.”

Spanish police fought for eight years to secure his conviction for manslaughter and he was handed a two-year sentence behind bars.

During his high-profile trial in Spain, McArdle called one of his sons as a defence witness.

Kelly Ann died from injuries the day after the fall from the five-star Melia Don Pepe Hotel


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The court heard as an infant his son had told a relative his dad had “pushed” his mum.

Kelly Ann’s brother-in-law, Peter Moran, gave evidence that then three-year-old Mark told him on his return to Dundalk: “Daddy bold, Daddy pushed Mammy.”

McArdle had claimed Kelly Ann saw her son on the balcony and went to grab him before tripping and falling over the railing.

Spanish police said Mrs McArdle could not have died in the way her husband claimed after they staged a reconstruction.

McArdle was found guilty of killing his wife and sentenced to two years in prison.

He was also ordered to pay €220,000 in compensation to his sons and ex in-laws.

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