Couple elopes after bride’s sister makes announcement the night before wedding: ‘It was honestly perfect’

A woman is second-guessing her choice to elope without telling her mother.

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The issue started long before she became engaged. Her mother always favored her older sister. But after she got engaged, her mom finally started paying attention to her.

She and her partner initially wanted to elope, but her parents offered to pay for a small wedding as they had for her sister. Things took a turn at her Mehndi party, a pre-wedding event common in South Asia, where the bride has henna designs painted on her hands and feet.

The Reddit poster’s sister announced that, after years of infertility, she was pregnant.

“It was like my mother forgot about me. The rest of the evening she neglected me and my sister loved all the attention she was receiving,” the Reddit poster wrote.

After the party, her mom didn’t really acknowledge her. She asked her father if it was OK if she and her partner eloped. Her father understood and helped arrange everything. Only he, the bride’s uncle and her partner’s brother and uncle were at their wedding the next day.

“It was honestly perfect except my mother started calling me so I blocked her,” she explained.

She blocked her mom until they arrived in Sydney for their impromptu honeymoon. Then things blew up more.

“My and my husband’s phones have been blowing up with calls and messages from everyone calling me immature and a brat for doing what I did and disrespecting my mother. My mother’s messages are all about me embarrassing her and everyone gossiping,” she wrote.

Redditors sided with the bride on this one.

“Your dad knows how your mom acts and he supported you,” a user said.

“The fact that your dad immediately supported you should tell you something,” another commented.

“Listen to your dad and husband. They’re the beacon you need now,” someone wrote.

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