Couple Had Sensory-Friendly Wedding in Idyllic English Garden

Jones started the day by getting ready at home surrounded by friends.

Jones got ready at home.

Rosie Hardy

“A lot of the people that helped were friends,” Jones said of their wedding vendors, which made both her and Aaron more comfortable throughout the wedding. “They were friends, and they knew what my needs were.”

On the morning of the wedding, Jones got ready at home, opting for the familiar space that would put them at ease. Jones’ sister, their wedding photographer and friend Rosie Hardy, and their videographer and friend Emilie Ferris kept them company. Another friend, Jen Scott, did their hair, and their sister’s friend, Bean & Bear, did their makeup. 

“When she did the makeup, she was really communicating a lot,” Jones said of Bean & Bear, who also gave them a fidget toy to use throughout the wedding day. “I knew exactly what was going on, which I really appreciated.” 

“It was just really helpful,” Jones said of knowing the people who got them ready for the wedding. “I didn’t have to explain myself to people because they know me already. And that was a really big help for me.”

“Being at home getting ready was nice,” Jones added. “And a friend that was doing my makeup brought a dog around to calm me down. So that was cute.”

Jones also took quiet breaks throughout the morning, which prevented them from getting overstimulated.