Couple Replaces Wedding Flowers With 11-Pound Onion Arrangements

By IE Staff

First Published: 9:11 AM PST, February 19, 2023

If any tears were shed at one wedding, blame the unconventional “floral” arrangements.

That’s because April and Erwin made a last-minute change when they tied the knot in the Philippines. At the end of 2022, the price of onions rose to about $13 per kilo, seven times as much as it was six months earlier.

The government reportedly blames traders for creating artificial shortages to drive up the price.

This couple became a viral sensation for incorporating the pricey produce into their big day.

The bride’s bouquet weighed 11 pounds and all the bridesmaids had similar arrangements to match, as did the groom and groomsmen with their onion boutonnieres.

They say they weren’t expecting all of the attention.

April Lyka Biorrey-Nobis said, “Four days before the wedding we changed our plans. Why not have the concept of using onions so that after the wedding we can still use them. Unlike with just using flowers, after the event you can only display them…”

“We did not expect it to go viral. we just wanted our wedding to be unique and memorable,” Erwin added.
The price of onions has come down since then, but memories won’t dissipate as quickly.

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