Couple spark debate after wearing tracksuits to their wedding reception

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Comfort was key for this wedding!

We have heard of a bride having two wedding dresses, changing into a more comfortable second dress for the reception, in order to dance and mingle more easily, but this newly wed couple have taken comfort to a whole other level as they changed into tracksuits for their after party.

Wedding videographer Wildwoodfilms shared a video of a couple she worked with that wore joggers and trainers to their reception.

The groom more all black, paired with black Nike trainers, whereas the bride stuck to a white crop top, white joggers and white shoes, but kept her veil on with her change of outfit.

Captioning the video, the videographer wrote, “I love when couples say screw tradition and find unique and fun ways to show their personalities on their wedding day and start new trends of their own!”

“I predict sweat suits will be an up and coming trend this year and I am HERE FOR IT” she added.

Ending the caption she posed a question for her followers, asking, “What do you guys think? Would you do this at your wedding?”

The footage sparked a major debate in the comment section, with some thinking the tracksuits were too casual for such a special day.

“If I’m paying over $1000 for a gown, I’m wearing it until I die” one commenter wrote, while another added, “Personally, that would be my worst nightmare…!!”

“It’s a no for me on this trend. All your guests are in fancy clothes but here you are in sweats. It’s inconsiderate to me” a third added.

Others, however, absolutely loved the idea and praised the couple for wearing what they wanted for their wedding.

“Comfort for the win!!!” one wrote, with a second commenting, “I wish I would have thought of this!”

“This is really cute. Just do what you want as long you are happy,” a third told the couple.

What do you think? Are the tracksuits too Casula or do you think it’s a great idea?