Couple spends just $500 on their wedding

(CNN) – A California couple exchanged vows while making sure not to spend over $500 on their wedding.

Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough’s big day had all the hallmarks of a typical wedding: feeding each other cake, tossing the budget and dancing the night away.

But when the couple said “I do,” they also said “I don’t” to spending thousands on the wedding.

“We kept it under $500,” Kiara Brokenbrough said.

The average cost for a wedding these days is $28,000.

The bride’s dress alone can cost a fortune but not Kiara Brokenbrough’s dress, which only cost $47. Ordered online, it arrived at her door like an ordinary package.

The wedding location, which was beside a highway above Los Angeles, cost the couple $0.

As for the reception at a nearby restaurant-lounge, family and friends paid for themselves. Some chipped in for the cake and flowers, and Kiara Brokenbrough’s mother paid for their honeymoon.

The couple says they didn’t want to start their marriage up to their necks in debt. Kiara Brokenbrough is a social media manager, and Joel Brokenbrough is a high school couch.

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