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Hopefully you don’t need me to tell you that spending $30,000 on a wedding is an enormous waste of money. I couldn’t even ballpark how much was spent on my wedding, that’s how little I paid attention, but I can tell you it wasn’t close to $30,000.

We had a good time and unlike this couple, who decided to share their story on TikTok, our marriage was official within a few days of the ceremony. As they found out spending that amount of money on a wedding doesn’t ensure that the paperwork is mailed to the courthouse.

Couple’s expensive marriage wasn’t offical (Image Credit: Madalyn Boucher/TikTok)

Newlywed Madalyn Boucher shared a video of herself freaking out after realizing that her marriage wasn’t official. It turned out the wedding officiant never sent the portion of her marriage license to the probate court to make their marriage official.

In the video, which has over 1.6 million views since being posted a few days ago, Boucher explains how she was attempting to get her husband on her insurance. She holds up the marriage license while losing her mind.

“This is the marriage license and this is the portion that the officiant was supposed to send to the probate court to legitimize our marriage,” she screams.

“It expired nine days ago. We are not married. We spent $30,000 on a social gathering and now we have to go to the courthouse and get married.”

The officiant who is to blame turned out to be her grandfather. We have him to thank for a rant for the ages.

The Honeymoon Is So Much Better Than The Wedding

The insurance-less husband didn’t have a care in the world. While his unofficial wife freaked out, he did what a man who has been married for decades does. He tuned her out and had himself a drink.

He knew that everything was going to work itself out and it did. The two posted a follow-up video after the freak-out and provided an update.

After offering her unofficial husband an out with a cheap divorce they went to the courthouse and made it official. Despite being 10 days past the 60 day post-ceremony window they are now officially married.

Congratulations to them both. $30,000 was still flushed down the drain, but it wasn’t just for a social gathering. It was for content for a viral social media video.