Couple ties the knot at private airport in Harrison County on New Year’s Day

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) – New Year’s Day may be a tough time to get motivated to do much of anything else, except watch football. But for one couple, it made for a perfect time to make a life-changing decision: to get married.

Just hours before his wedding, Joshua Giorgio still had repairs to make on what will be their temporary home.

“I wanted to make sure that me and Hannah have a home to live in after the wedding,” he said.

The Air Force pilot from Pennsylvania and his now-wife, Hannah of Hattiesburg, will use a renovated Airstream camper in their travels to his first base in California.

A little non-conventional, but so is the day and setting of their wedding: on New Year’s Day and at a private airport in Harrison County.

Hannah, who just graduated from Southern Miss, said New Year’s Day was not the original target date, but the timing was perfect for the couple and their families.

“This was one of the only days that we knew he wouldn’t have to work and most of his groomsmen are also in the military as well,” she said. “So, they would be able to make it with the holidays and everything.”

But that doesn’t mean the significance of the day on which they chose to make the ultimate life-long commitment was lost on them.

“A lot of people were actually like, ‘Oh, my gosh, that close to the holidays? That sounds really stressful.’ But, I mean, I think it’s really cool because we’re kind of like ringing in the new year as a married couple. So, I think it’s really cool. And we’ll never forget our anniversary. That’s pretty easy.”

For Joshua, it will have a long-lasting meaning.

“The wedding day is going to be kind of a reminder to us each year to just start fresh,” he said. “And it’s going to mean a little more to ring in the new year every year.”

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