Couples get ‘married’ on doorstep by Deliveroo drivers who bring flowers and rings

It’s Valentine’s Day today which means thousands of Brits are heading our for dinner, drinks, dates and even the occasional proposal.

But, some romantics have gone a step further than placing a takeaway order or nipping to a restaurant thanks to Deliveroo’s latest promotion.

Deliveroo is running a competition offering for customers to have a wedding at their doorstep – overseen by the app’s “Roo-gistrar Riders”.

Any lucky couples chosen had their food delivered alongside rings, flowers and even a Deliveroo voucher.

And, to test out the experience, Anna and Emily, from MyLondon, enjoyed the ceremony on their doorstep earlier this week.

Deliveroo drivers will bring flowers, rings and your food at the same time

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Anna explained: “My girlfriend and I are obsessed with two things: food, and each other. So when I heard Deliveroo were marrying off couples in doorstep wedding ceremonies, it was like the stars aligned..

“When our wedding party arrived it was like a Deliveroo food delivery on steroids – we had flowers, confetti, a big plate of sushi, and got to make out on the doorstep while angry cab drivers beeped at us for holding up the traffic.

“Plus, saying “I roo” instead of “I do” during our vows took away any lingering anxiety of the wedding being actually legally binding.”

Amusingly, the pair now think that ordering food won’t ever live up to the hype again after enjoying cheering crowds, some Ed Sheeram music and confetti.

Lisa and Karim, also from MyLondon, joined in the action too and ordered their own Deliveroo doorstep wedding.

Would you get married on your doorstep?

Would you get married on your doorstep?

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They said: “I wasn’t really sure what to expect and didn’t know what we would have to do. But they were so nice and put us at ease, and the Roo-gistrar Rider had a great speech that was funny and sweet.

“There was a postman going past as we did it which was hilarious, because he definitely didn’t know what was going on. He looked like he was trying not to laugh.

“Our favourite part was the little blue rings we exchanged, although they’re definitely too small for either of our fingers.”


And, Deliveroo will be marrying couples all around London today as a Valentine’s Day treat for happy couples.

Check out more information on Deliveroo’s Married at first Bite here.

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