‘Dan is in fact not the one’

Pamela Anderson and her fifth husband Dan Hayhurst have decided to go their separate ways, now that the actress has reportedly filed for divorce after just 13 months of marriage.

Rumors about the breakup started after the Baywatch star was spotted last week in Malibu without her wedding ring, as she had recently moved to Canada with her husband, following a private Christmas Eve ceremony that took place on Vancouver Island on December 2020, where the couple exchanged vows.

A close source to the actress has revealed that “Pamela loves as authentically as she lives,” describing the relationship as a “pandemic whirlwind” romance that seems to have come to an end, stating that her new husband was “unkind and unsupportive,” and after getting to know each other better, “Pamela realized Dan is in fact not the one.”

“Things are not amicable at all between them at the moment, because she decided they had nothing in common, he didn’t treat her in the way she felt she wanted to be treated,” the source shared.


The pair met during the early days of the pandemic and Hayhurst confessed they had been spending a lot of time together, with the actress admitting that their first year together had felt like seven, as they also were a “natural fit” for each other, adding that she was “exactly where I need to be, in the arms of a man who truly loves me.”

Now it seems like Pamela has moved from their home in Canada and has returned to California to spend time with her two sons, as it had been reported that her Malibu mansion was on the market and had been rented for $50.000.

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