Dan Levy says his parents upstaged him at sister Sarah’s wedding

When Dan Levy was tasked with giving a speech at his sister’s recent wedding, he was just hoping it would go well. Little did he know that his parents would upstage him.

The actor’s “Schitt’s Creek” co-star and real-life sister Sarah Levy tied the knot with her longtime love, Graham Outerbridge, earlier this month, and the newlyweds totally nailed their speeches at the beginning of the reception.

“(They) could not have done better,” Dan Levy, 38, told late-night host Jimmy Kimmel during an interview Wednesday night.

Levy had to wait a while to give his speech, which fell midway through the party, and he was nervous to follow the newlyweds after they crushed their speech.

“Then I thought, ‘Well, should I have just led? Because I don’t know if this is going to be any good,'” he explained.

Nonetheless, Levy felt like he did a pretty good job when all was said and done and told Kimmel that “it went fine.”

But then the actor’s parents, Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine, took the mic and inadvertently upstaged him.

“My parents came on after me and sang a duet, a surprise duet for my sister and suddenly my speech was just absolute s—,” he said.

Kimmel couldn’t help but laugh, but he also shared some advice with the actor.

“But Dan, this whole year, the last two years, have been mostly about you. Let’s let your sister have a (moment) to glow,” he said.

Levy agreed and added, “Yeah, let’s have my parents have a moment.”

The parents of the bride sang an Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler song called “Love and Happiness,” and Levy said it “brought the house down.”

“My mom, who doesn’t like the spotlight, absolutely nailed it,” he told Kimmel.

It was an exciting and busy night for the actor, who played double duty and also served as the DJ for his sister’s reception. And it turns out that he had a blast watching his family enjoy a mix of old and modern tunes.

“There’s nothing quite as thrilling as dancing with your aunts to Olivia Rodrigo. It’s a special experience,” he joked.