Darren Waller’s Wife Spills The Beans On Raiders Coach Josh McDaniels Not Getting Invited To Their Wedding – OutKick

Perhaps there was some bad blood behind Tuesday’s biggest NFL trade announcement.

Former Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller joined the New York Giants after both sides agreed to a trade that many deemed pretty one-sided. Advantage: G-Men.

And just 10 days after getting hitched, Waller is off to a new city to join a new team.

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On its surface, the trade appeared to be a ripple effect of Derek Carr’s departure from LV. It turns out the story may be more scandalous than assumed.


Late Tuesday, Waller’s newlywed partner Kelsey Plum — who plays for the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces — responded to a tweet that slightly hinted at bad blood between Waller and Raiders coach Josh McDaniel leading up to the trade.

Plum responded to a tweet by ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III.

In his tweet, RG3 joked that McDaniels was a savage for sending Waller to NY just days after his wedding.

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Plum took it a step further, commenting that McDaniels wasn’t invited to the wedding in fairly pointed wording.


Josh McDaniels hasn’t been the most likable figure among NFL coaches, but in this case, he may carry some blame for the alleged tensions.

According to the New York Post, Waller approached McDaniels after the coach accidentally told personnel at the NFL Combine that the tight end was getting married.

It sounds as if Waller wanted his wedding details to be confidential and loose lips by McDaniels sunk his plans of a private wedding.

Thinking of his coach as untrustworthy, Waller left Las Vegas with a good riddance. And who hasn’t been in that position before …

Whether or not there was beef off the field, Waller and McDaniels are now opponents on the field.

Waller signed a three-year, $51 million extension with the Raiders last year. The 30-year-old tight end has been bothered by injuries these past two seasons, but still offers the Giants a valuable target for newly signed Daniel Jones and the offense.

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All the Giants had to give up to land the premier pass-catching tight end was a third-round pick. The draft pick came from New York’s trade with Kansas City for Kadarius Toney. The Giants also received a sixth-round pick alongside Waller.