Days of Our Lives: Do Gabi and Li Get Married?

A glittery, robe-clad Gabi comes to her kitchen, where Wendy makes tea. Gabi fears something will go horribly wrong at the wedding. She loves Li and is happy, but she wonders if she deserves to be. Wendy thinks she does and that Li is a very lucky man. When Gabi heads off to bring tea to Ari, Johnny calls Wendy about the color of his tie. She doesn’t care what color he wears, but does worry that Gabi is having doubts about marrying Li. Wendy’s also having a hard time keeping secrets from the bride, who returns.

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Gabi asks what secrets she’s keeping when Wendy hangs up. Wendy lies that Li is planning a surprise and begs her to keep quiet. Gabi can’t wait to see what it is and gifts Wendy a sparkly bracelet with an inscription that says, Hermanas, which means sisters. After losing her biological sister, Gabi is happy to have Wendy.

Later, Gabi reports to Wendy that Ari is throwing up. She doesn’t know what to do. Who will want to take care of a vomiting child at the last minute? Wendy offers to watch her. Gabi can’t ask her to do that, but Wendy says the only other option is to postpone the wedding.

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As Li showers in his hotel room, Rafe primps in the mirror. When Li’s phone rings, he yells for Rafe to answer because it could be the justice of the peace. Li comes out of the shower, and a wary Rafe tells him Dr. Rolf would like to speak to him. Li twitches and clears his throat. He grabs the phone and shouts at Rolf, who has important data to report. Li hangs up and lies to Rafe that Rolf asked for DiMera to fund his new lab. He turned him down flat. Rafe isn’t surprised, considering Rolf brought Stefan back from the dead. Li declares he’s not threatened by Stefan.

Wearing a tux, Brady confirms the “kidnapping” plans with Eric on the phone. After he hangs up, Kristen comes to the living room in a robe and announces she’s not going to the wedding. She saw John and Marlena driving off, and she doesn’t want to leave Rachel alone. Brady tells her Eric stepped in for his parents, who are out celebrating. Kristen thinks he’s going through a lot of trouble to go to the wedding with her. She muses that he wants to walk in with her on his arm and even have a future with her.

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At John and Marlena's, Kristen touches the lapels of a stern looking Brady's tux.

With her arm still in a sling, Nicole wears a sleeveless tan dress with a black patterned overlay, as she primps in her room. A tux-clad EJ comes by, and she asks him to zip her up. Nicole lets out a slow breath as he happily obliges.

Rafe comes to the Pub and meets Jada, who wears a one-shoulder blue dress. He exclaims, “Wow! You look great.” He apologizes if that was too much, but Jada says it was nice. She adds that he doesn’t look half bad himself. They joke about Salem’s history of dramatic weddings, and Rafe hopes, for his sister’s sake, tonight is an exception.

At the wedding, which is set up like a reception, Kristen enters on Brady’s arm in a low-cut, sleeveless, leopard print dress. They greet Nicole and EJ, and the siblings trade barbs. After, Kristen takes a selfie with Brady for Rachel.

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Rafe and Jada face Li with concerned expressions. The men wear tuxes and Jada wears a one shouldered blue dress.

Nicole and Rafe spot each other as the latter walks in with Jada. Li races up to Rafe and Jada, frantic about Gabi not being there yet. At a table, Kristen drinks wine and taunts Brady about Stefan and Chloe in Miami. He warns that she can’t keep them apart forever. Soon, she’ll have to accept it. She wonders what that means, but Brady dismisses it.

Wendy enters in a sparkly, lilac-colored one-shoulder dress and tells Rafe that Ari is with Sonny. Rafe goes off to check on Gabi, as Johnny talks with a stressed Wendy. Li announces they are about to begin, and everyone takes their seats at various round tables.

At their table, Kristen shows Brady their photo, noting how good they look together. He retorts it’s a photo of a blackmailer and her victim. Kristen bristles and declares she’s leaving to celebrate the New Year with Rachel. Brady apologizes and promises to make it up to her. Kristen sits as the wedding starts.

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In a tux, Johnny's hand is to his chin as he faces Wendy.

The guests stand as Gabi walks out in a lacy, white sleeveless dress to meet Li. When the justice of the peace asks if anyone objects, a guilt-ridden Wendy blurts out that she has something to say. Teary-eyed, she hesitates and then says she is happy to have Gabi as a sister. Li sternly tells his sister that would have been more appropriate as a toast. Gabi admonishes Li, who tells Wendy it was lovely and thanks her from the bottom of his heart.

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Wearing a wedding dress and veil, Gabi holds a floral bouquet and gravely turns to Wendy.

The justice of the peace continues with the ceremony. When it’s Gabi’s turn to say “I do,” she flashes to her wedding with Stefan and hesitates before saying the words. They exchange rings and are pronounced husband and wife. After, Rafe makes a toast and welcomes Li to the family. Li’s phone rings, and he pulls it out, apologizing. He thought he turned it off. Rafe asks if it’s Dr. Rolf again. Gabi’s brow furrows.

Rolf paces in his lab as he leaves an urgent message for Li. He says CRS 17 can wear off in mere weeks with certain triggers. He hopes that’s not the case with Gabi.

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In front of the minister, Li gazes at Gabi's outstretched hand while gazing at it. Gabi's veil covers the back of her lacey low-back, sleeveless wedding gown.

At the hotel In Miami, Chloe changes into a tight, low-cut white dress, and Stefan dons a tan suit for a night on the town. But first, they have room service. When Chloe checks her phone, her face falls at the photo of Brady and Kristen posted on social media. Chloe apologizes to Stefan for being upset about it, but she still can’t understand what happened between them. Stefan understands because Gabi was desperate to understand why his feelings changed for her. Chloe wonders if Stefan wants to know. Stefan doesn’t. He’s just glad that they’ve both moved on. Or, in his case, moved back. Leaving Chloe for Gabi was a mistake he won’t repeat.

After dinner, Stefan and Chloe make out. After getting confirmation that she wants this, he unzips her dress.

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Wendy and Li wear panicked expressions, as a somber Rafe relays new s to a confused looking Gabi.

At the reception, Rafe brings a dazed Gabi a drink and asks if she’s all right. She drops her glass and recalls being at Rolf’s lab. She announces that Rolf brainwashed Stefan to make him hate her. Kristen glowers, and EJ guiltily rubs his temple. Li tries to usher Gabi out of the room, but Gabi doesn’t budge. She remembers Rolf telling her that Kristen made him do it to keep Brady and Chloe apart. Brady glowers at Kristen, who announces if she was involved, it wasn’t her idea. Gabi remembers Rolf declaring it was all Li’s idea. She turns and scowls at her new husband.

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