Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Theo’s Heartbreak, Ben Crashes Wedding As Ciara’s Memories Return

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Abe Carver (James Reynolds) was excited about Theo Carver’s (Cameron Johnson) engagement. However, he changes his mind and urges Theo to postpone the nuptials. The mayor has a good gut instinct, so he senses that Theo is going to end up heartbroken. Could Ciara Brady’s (Victoria Konefal) memories return during the vows?

Ben Weston’s Accusation

DOOL spoilers reveal that Ciara made some statements that had Ben Weston’s (Robert Scott Wilson) head spinning. She mentioned the names of her captors while she was held hostage for nearly a year.

Ben is convinced that Ciara is starting to remember but she denied it. She claimed that she only knew the details of her kidnapping from what Theo and Hope Brady (formerly Kristian Alfonso) told her.

This clearly is foreshadowing and Ciara might be close to getting her memories back. It’s possible she’s having a few flashes of what’s happened but doesn’t remember her love for Ben yet.

With head writer Ron Carlivati promising that “CIN’ fans will get the payoff they’re looking for, Ben and Ciara will end up back together, but when and how?

DOOL Spoilers: Abe Carver’s Advice

When Theo told his father that he was going to marry Ciara, there was a lot of excitement and joy. Of course, Abe knows that Ciara is currently married to Ben.

So, that is a concern for him. However, he also knows that Theo and Ciara have been close since they were kids.

They had a teen love story and Theo never stopped loving her, even after they broke up and moved on with other people.

It is confirmed that Abe will reconsider and advise his son to postpone the wedding. For Abe to have a change of heart like this means he is sensing heartbreak.

The mayor has always been gifted with a good gut instinct. So, if he’s telling Theo to delay the nuptials, then he should listen.

Theo Carver Won’t Postpone Nuptials

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that there is a good chance that Theo won’t take his father’s advice. Deep inside, Theo knows there is a chance that Ciara will remember her love for Ben.

However, she is the one that got away. He also believes with all of his heart that he’s saving Ciara from a serial killer. He has never gotten the chance to get to know the real Ben. He also never saw how happy “CIN” were together.

Plus, Theo is getting agitated because nobody seems to be happy about his engagement news. He will likely want to prove everyone wrong.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara’s Memories Return

It is a well-known fact that no wedding in Salem happens without major drama. So, expect the same for Theo and Ciara’s big day.

We imagine that Ben won’t give up and will fight for Ciara right up to her wedding day. We imagine that Ben will do something to trigger Ciara’s memories.

Perhaps he will crash into the wedding on his motorcycle. After all, the motorcycle crash that Ciara had is how “CIN” began their love story.

So, seeing the motorcycle come crashing in might jog Ciara’s memory of her own crash the night that Ben rescued her.

Since this is a soap, it’s likely that Ciara’s memories will come rushing back all at once, but it probably won’t be until she’s about to say “I do.”

While that possibility would have “CIN” fans cheering, we do have to feel bad for Theo’s inevitable heartbreak.

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