DC: 10 Stories That End With A Wedding

Not every DC story has to end with a grim revelation or final beatdown of a villain. Occasionally, DC creators craft a tale that may have all of those elements but end with a reassuring acknowledgment of a new beginning with a wedding. In the past, comic book weddings never went off without a hitch, and getting superheroes involved usually meant supervillains would make their presence known as well.

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A lot of the time DC Stories will have a wedding fall in the middle of a story. While many times, this allows for the ceremony itself to take up a double-page spread, it doesn’t make the wedding the focus of the story. What follows here are the stories where the wedding happened at the end of the story, possibly followed with only a page or two of an epilogue.

10 Justice League of America #121 by Cary Bates and Dick Dillon Culminated With Adam Strange Marrying Alanna

Adam Strange went to the Justice League for help after his girlfriend and five other Justice Leaguers were seemingly disintegrated. The villain behind the scheme was soon revealed as Kanjar Ro, using technology to make it seem like those heroes had been killed. Adam Strange saved those he’d seen vanish, then guided them back to Earth to aid against Kanjar Ro.

The Leaguers remaining on Earth had fallen to Ro’s cloud creature, but the rescued members of the JLA tipped the balance in their favor. With the villain defeated, Adam Strange was free to return to Rann and marry his sweetheart. The Justice League went along to witness a hero get married, showing the respect that heroes like Superman and Batman held for Adam Strange.

9 Legion of Super-Heroes #96 by Tom Peyer, Tom McCraw, and Lee Modern Pulled A Bait-and-Switch

Surprise Legion wedding

Building up to Legion of Super-Heroes #96,  a wedding between Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy had been insinuated. However, it was soon revealed that while in the 20th century, Saturn Girl had telepathically animated a comatose Cosmic Bo. She created the romance because her true love, Live Wire was still in the 30th century.

The Legion brought Cosmic Boy out of his coma. When he came to and was told about a wedding, he assumed it was for Ultra Boy and Apparition. The pair had been dealing with Apparation being a phantom all of the time but had a moment of hope when she temporarily became solid. The couple took advantage of the minister present to tie the knot, becoming the rebooted Legion’s first, and only, married couple.

8 Mister Miracle #18 Ended Jack Kirby’s Run With A Wedding Even Darkseid Refused To Stop

Mister Miracle and Big Barda wedding

When the forces of Apokolips try to kill Mister Miracle and Big Barda, the brush with death spurs them to get married. After being nearly killed by Granny Goodness and the other operatives of Darkseid, the New Gods rescue Mister Miracle and his allies. They were notified of the wedding by the Source Wall that often gives them information.

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In the tradition of New Genesis, Mister Miracle and Big Barda are married. Darkseid makes his presence known with a powerful storm after the ceremony. After everyone leaves, Mister Miracle’s human allies encounter Darkseid, content to simply disrupt the aftermath of the wedding because he couldn’t stop it outright. With this action, Jack Kirby left the Fourth World behind.

7 Doom Patrol #104 Had Lots of Silver Age Hijinks

Doom Patrol #104 wedding of Rita Farr

“The Bride of the Doom Patrol” was a classic case of Silver Age hijinks featuring DC’s strangest super-team. When none of her teammates will go out and have fun with her, Elasti-Girl finds herself abducted by her paramour, Steve Dayton, also known as Mento. The Doom Patrol has a rivalry with Mento, and there is some confrontation before Elasti-Girl sends her teammates on their way.

When Elasti-Girl agrees to marry Dayton, Robotman and Negative Man try to sabotage the wedding. Hijinks ensue, including Madame Rouge disguising herself as Mento to fight the Doom Patrol. When this Mento is revealed to be a disguised Madame Rouge and she is defeated, Elasti-Girl and Mento tied the knot with lots of guests from other DC comics.

6 Apollo and Midnighter Tied The Knot At the End of Authority #29, by Mark Millar and Gary Erskine

Apollo and Midnighter from Authority #29

After being replaced by the world’s governments, the Authority came back to take out their replacements and Seth, the bio-engineered juggernaut that defeated them the first time. As always, Midnighter was the most dangerous one on the team, and among the first things he did was rescue Apollo.

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With Jenny Quantum using her powers to be the one to stop Seth, the Authority decided to keep the superhuman population from saving the world from a tear in the Bleed. By not taking the initiative, the insecurity that drove the world to attack the Authority was remedied. With that Apollo and Midnighter made it official.

5 Fables #50 by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham had Snow White Finally Marry Bigby Wolf

Fables #50 cover detail

Fables had a mystery for the first part of the run with the identity of their Adversary. Once it was revealed to be Gepetto, it was only natural that an attack is made on the homeland. Bigby Wolf infiltrates the homelands and burns down Gepetto’s forest of magic trees.

In exchange, Bigby is given a large house at the edge of the Farm, where he’s forbidden from going. He invites Snow White and their seven children to live with him, after the wedding of course. It’s a romantic ceremony with no interruptions featuring the best that Fabletown could offer.

4 Aquaman #65 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Miguel Mendonça Finally Gave Aquaman and Mera An Overdue Wedding

Aquaman #65 final panel

In the pre-Crisis DC Universe, one of the most reliable couples was Aquaman and Mera. Even when they were estranged after the death of their son, their reconciliation became so wanted that it was featured on a cover. When the New 52 launched, one of the greatest indignities was nullifying this marriage.

In Kelly Sue DeConnick’s last issue as writer, she made sure to rectify this mistake that had persisted for too long. After the conflict is resolved and Atlantis is saved, the couple goes to raise their daughter in a lighthouse. Aquaman then surprises her with a makeshift wedding, appropriately on a boat.

3 Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #2 by Paul Levitz and Dave Gibbons Ended With The Long-Awaited Royal Wedding of Queen Projectra and Karate Kid

Third legion wedding

For years, Karate Kid and Princess Projectra were a couple in the Legion and the entire Legion journeyed to Orando for their wedding. Unfortunately, a small team of Legionnaires was caught in the wake of Superboy arriving from the 20th century. They wind up in ancient Greece facing off against Durlans masquerading as Greek Gods.

The lost team of Legionnaires didn’t get back in time for the wedding. It was an amazing ceremony, not spoiled by any villain’s attack. Unfortunately, two other absent guests are Element Lad and Shvaughn Erin who announce in the epilogue that there’s an imposter in the Legion.

2 Flash #165 by John Broome and Carmine Infantino Had Reverse-Flash Try To Stop Flash From Marrying Iris West.

Flash #165 wedding to Iris West

The Reverse-Flash used the wedding of Flash to Iris West to prank his archenemy by replacing him at the altar. Fortunately, Flash abducted him before he could ruin the day completely. A classic battle ensues between the two speedsters worthy of the occasion.

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Flash wins by leading the battle over water where the Reverse-Flash hasn’t yet mastered running on water. He returns to wed Iris, who still doesn’t know she’s marrying the Flash. Of course, she would learn on their wedding night because Barry talks in his sleep.

1 Superman: The Wedding Album Was A Celebration of Clark and Lois

Superman: the Wedding Album regular cover

Superman marrying Lois Lane was a long time coming but rushed after a break-up by the show Lois and Clark marrying the characters. Of course, it demanding a massive special issue rather than a regular issue of Superman. It featured a who’s who of creators to chronicle the event.

It worked well, with no one spoiling the ceremony. Batman arranged for Metropolis to be protected, and Superman cut his 90s mullet to the relief of many fans. It was a great comic book wedding.

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