Decorating For Your First Holiday in Your Own Home — Three Christmas Decorating Basics

Chances are you grew up in a home decked out with intentional, well-loved and curated holiday decorations. We’re talking wreaths on every door! Garland WITH Christmas lights! A big ‘ol well-lit tree filled with all kinds of collected ornaments! Ribbons galore! Your mom, a Christmas enthusiast, set the bar HIGH. Now that you’re in your own space you have a whole world open to you! Do you go with an artificial tree? Does it need to be pre-lit? Should you do classic red and green or more neutral? Or what if you went bold with a navy blue color pallet? If you choose a (*gasp*) trend this year will you have to stick to it forever?

Don’t panic — prioritize! Here are three basic elements of holiday decor that you can build from and start off your oh-so-festive Christmas decoration collection.

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