Derek Hough Reveals Details of Wedding to Hayley Erbert

Dancing With The Stars judge Derek Hough shared details about his upcoming wedding to fiancée Hayley Erbert, including the professional dancers’ plans for their first dance. Derek and Hayley got engaged in June 2022 after dating since 2015. He proposed in their home, which is their favorite place to be. Derek is a six-time DWTS champ, which is the record for the most wins. Hayley had been a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance season 10, where she finished in the top six of the competition as one of the top three females. Derek and Hayley first met in 2014 when she was hired to go on tour with the Hough siblings as a professional dancer. She then joined the troupe of DWTS in season 21, and she and Derek began their romance. Now, after seven years together, the couple plans to tie the knot very soon.


In an interview with Parade, Derek revealed that he and Hayley are looking to get married “within the year.” He said that the guest list will include about 160 people and joked that “about 155 of them are all my nieces and nephews.” Derek added that he has a “big family.” Derek’s family members include his sister, professional dancer Julianne, who once co-starred with him on DWTS. When it comes to the color schemes, flower arrangements, and music, Derek wants to be part of the planning with Hayley. He explained, “Being a choreographer, a creator, and with everything I do with production, I will definitely want to be involved.”

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Derek Hough & Hayley Erbert Will Have A First Dance At Their Wedding

Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough Dancing Together

The DWTS couple’s first dance is something that many have imagined will be quite the spectacle. However, Derek admitted that at first, he “didn’t really want to have the pressure of having to perform.” Instead, he wanted other people to perform for him and Hayley. However, after thinking about it for a few months, he realized that there “might be an expectation,” so he and Hayley “need to do a first dance.” Derek concluded by saying, “So, we’ll probably do a first dance, and it’ll be beautiful.”

Derek and Hayley have danced together before on DWTS, various Disney specials, and during his “No Limit” Las Vegas residency show. The expectations for their first dance are high, but their wedding day is their own, and they should only do it if they really want to. Based on how the DWTS professonal dancers have performed together in the past, the dance is sure to be beautiful, just like Derek said it would be.

Derek and Hayley are a wonderful couple, and their wedding day is sure to be very special. It will be fun to see which of their DWTS co-stars attend and how they will light up the dance floor. Derek and Hayley’s wedding will be an event full of love, happiness, and, of course, dance.

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Source: Parade