Dipika Kakar made a beautiful gift bag for sister-in-law Saba Ibrahim’s wedding guests, here’s how you can make one as well

Make your own wedding gift bag in just six easy steps with Dipika Kakar!

Sasural Simar Ka actress Dipika Kakar has become a household name in the world of telly. From her impeccable acting skills to providing highly interesting content on her YouTube channel, Dipika Ki Duniya, telly enthusiasts are falling in love with her with each passing day.Also making headlines is her sister-in-law, Saba Ibrahim, who will be tying the knot with her boyfriend Khalid Niyaz on November 6. Dipika and her husband, Shoaib introduced her love in their vlog, and fans were left all warm and fuzzy on knowing about their oh-so-sweet love.

Dipika and Saba are known to share quite a bond and therefore the former is pulling all strings to make her nanad’s wedding the most cherished moment in her life. In one of her recent vlogs, the Paltan actress showed viewers how to make a gift bag for wedding guests using economical items and we believe this just might be the perfect hack for all those who are running around buying expensive gift packing materials for upcoming wedding season.

So without further ado, let’s take cues from Dipika herself on how to create a gorgeous gift bag:

1) Purchasing items for the gift bag

If you are searching for something extremely beautiful at affordable rates, a local thrift market is just the place for you. Housing a collection of items such as netted bags in various colours and elaborate designs, you can easily spot the one you are looking for.

Now that you have your bag, look out for items to decorate the gift bag, such as plastic flowers with leaves and pollen, a white circular sheet to glue the flowers, gold ribbons, a gold net cloth, and a glue gun.

Invest in a gold netted bag for an elegant look pic Credit Dipika Ki DuniyaInvest in a gold netted bag for an elegant look. pic Credit: Dipika Ki Duniya

2) Make a border

Once you have purchased and gathered all the materials required, you can start assembling them one by one. Pick your gold ribbon and wrap it in the form of a square around the bag. Take your glue gun and gel the ends together. (Caution: The glue in a glue gun is extremely hot, so avoid touching it with your bare hands.)

Make a border with the gold ribbon around the gift bag Pic Credit Dipika Ki DuniyaMake a border with the gold ribbon around the gift bag. Pic Credit: Dipika Ki Duniya

3) Arrange the flowers

After making the border, you can start arranging the flowers in whichever way you want to. Trim the ends and keep sticking them on the back side of the white circular sheet.

Stick the flowers on the white circular sheet Pic Credit Dipika Ki DuniyaStick the flowers on the white circular sheet. Pic Credit: Dipika Ki Duniya

4) Making the bow

To make a bow that will be placed on either side of the flowers, take your gold net cloth and cut it according to the size required. Cut it into two and fold them individually depending upon the desired width. Make pleats on each piece of cloth which would be closer towards the beginning and wider towards the ends. Stick both pieces of cloth on the white circular sheet.

Prepare a bow using the glod net cloth Pic Credit Dipika Ki DuniyaPrepare a bow using the glod net cloth. Pic Credit: Dipika Ki Duniya

5) Gluing flowers to the bow

Once your flowers and bow are ready, pour glue on the middle part of the bow and place flowers on them. The end result should look something like this:

Glue the flowers to the bow Pic Credit Dipika Ki DuniyaGlue the flowers to the bow. Pic Credit: Dipika Ki Duniya

6) The perfect gift bag is now ready!

Now that you have prepared everything to be placed on the gift bag, just pour glue the topmost end of the ribbon and place the bow on top of it. Voila! your beautiful bag is now ready to be loaded with gifts and sent off to your guests!

The perfect wedding gift bag for your guests Pic Credit Dipika Ki DuniyaThe perfect wedding gift bag for your guests! Pic Credit: Dipika Ki Duniya

While you can make this as a wedding gift bag, one can also use this hack to create beautiful handbags or gift hampers to be sent to your relatives or loved ones during festivals.

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