Disney: 10 Most Beautiful Disney Princess Tiaras

Two Disney princess movies, The Little Mermaid and Snow White will be getting the live-action treatment in the future. While both princesses have recognizable looks that would be great to see reimagined, neither of them have tiaras, which is often expected for the classic Disney princess look.

The crowns that are shown, however, are all iconic in their own way but some do stand out more than others. From simplistic yet iconic to the representation of growth and hard work, the most beautiful Disney princess tiaras have more to them than initially meets the eye.


10 Cinderella

Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Cinderella is one of the most iconic princesses, but she didn’t get her tiara until the direct-to-video sequel, Cinderella II: Dreams Come True. It’s featured on the cover of the DVD, a simple gold tiara with a sapphire in the middle. It’s quite an underwhelming tiara for such a special character but her signature headband is much more recognizable.

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Cinderella is a very simple girl though, so a big flashy crown wouldn’t match her personality She is seen with a different tiara at the end of the first Cinderella movie when she and Prince Charming get married, but it’s only shown briefly. The wedding crown is, again, very simple and elegant, much like the other tiara.

9 Merida

Merida from Pixar Brave

Merida is notably not a fan of the dresses and tiaras and isn’t interested in finding a prince. But when her mother forces her to dress up when the eligible lords try to win her hand in marriage, Merida wears a small gold tiara lined with pearls and an emerald in the center.

It’s very similar to her mother’s crown, which shows that the tiara is more her mother, Elinor’s, style than her own. It’s hard to imagine what tiara Merida would want to wear, given her free-spirited nature. Her wild red curls are her signature and it would be hard to find a tiara grand enough to top those.

8 Ariel

The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea

Ariel is like Cinderella, as in she has a crown at her wedding and in the direct-to-video sequel, The Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea. Ariel’s crown she wears at her and Eric’s wedding is the one that most people will recognize, it’s a large, but plain, gold tiara that she wears under her veil.

It looks very simple, but it’s shown to be very sparkly and matches her dress well.  Her tiara in the sequel is a similar shape but has two pearls and a large emerald in the center. Ariel also seems to be one of the few princesses that wears a crown often, she loves her human life and is so happy to be with Eric, that it makes sense that she would wear a tiara as often as she could.

7 Jasmine

Jasmine sits with Rajah in Aladdin

Jasmine wears more of a headband, but it can be considered a tiara because she is legitimate royalty. Her headpiece is blue with a large gem in the center and matches her outfit perfectly. This small tiara is much more tailored to Jasmine’s style and relatable personality than the one Jafar gives to her when he’s holding her hostage.

She also has an identical tiara in purple that she wears at the end of the movie and all through the sequel. Jasmine has a very iconic look and that includes her gorgeous tiara. The live-action version of Aladdin brought her costume to life beautifully and added some details to her crown, making it bigger and adding more jewels.

6 Moana

Princess Moana

Moana is the future chief of Motunui and she has three crowns. She wears a flower crown when she’s the chief in training, it’s made of green leaves and small pink flowers. Her second crown is only shown briefly in the song “Where You Are” and is a headdress, it’s made of various seashells and red feathers, which symbolize royalty.

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Her third crown is another flower crown that she wears at the end of the movie and while dancing with a group of villagers, in the beginning, it’s made of red, orange, and white flowers. Moana goes through a lot of changes and life-changing decisions in the film, so it fits that she would have multiple crowns and headdresses throughout these changes.

5 Aurora

Phillip and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Aurora is another Disney princess that is true royalty, she was beloved by the kingdom since birth and was missed dearly as she was raised in the woods by the fairies.

Although simple, Aurora has the most recognizable tiaras of the princesses. The same crown is also featured during the famous dance with Prince Phillip when her dress changes between pink and blue. Even casual Disney fans would recognize this tiara and gown, so though some might not consider Sleeping Beauty a popular character, she has certainly left an impression with her beautiful hair, dresses, and crown.

4 Elsa

Elsa in Frozen

Elsa has become one of the most popular princesses of all time, though she’s a queen, not a princess. She donned a gold crown during her coronation in the first Frozen film. It’s very small but has an intricate design and a large sapphire in the center, it matches the orb and scepter Elsa must hold during the ceremony.

The crown is also very similar to her mother’s crown when she was queen, both are around the same size and shape. Elsa doesn’t hold onto the tiara for long, and she throws it away on the North Mountain in one of her best moments and quotes, “Let it Go”. This symbolizes Elsa’s desire to be free of being Queen and to use her powers freely after keeping them a secret for so long.

3 Anna

Anna from Frozen 2

Anna’s coronation crown is much different than her sisters. It’s larger, silver, and decorated with many emeralds. She is also much more comfortable taking on the role of Queen than Elsa since she has presumably been in charge of Arendelle for many years while Elsa was in isolation.

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Anna has always seemed more carefree and happy with the royal life she has, she is very proud to be from Arendelle. Her coronation shows how much she’s matured and grown between Frozen and Frozen II, now she’s ready to be the leader her country needs.

2 Tiana

Tiana and Naveen kiss in Princess and the Frog

Tiana is defined by her hard work and passion for cooking, a story that would still work in the modern day. She never gave up on her dream of owning a restaurant and honoring her father. But there’s no denying Tiana and Naveen are true love since they broke their curse with a kiss, and they married soon after, making Tiana the official Princess of Maldonia.

She wore a beautiful green ballgown and a large green tiara that resembled leaves at their swamp wedding. The green represents their time as frogs, as this is how they met and became close. The fact that her crown looks like leaves or flower petals could also be a reminder of the swamp and her friends from there.

1 Rapunzel

Rapunzel tries on the crown in Tangled

Rapunzel is the lost princess of Corona. She has a famous story of being kidnapped as a baby to be raised by Mother Gothel and having magic hair that glows when she sings and can’t be cut. She is reunited with her true parents at 18 and discovers her true identity with help from Flynn Rider, she is then crowned as a princess at the end of the film.

Her tiara is by far the most beautiful and intricate. It has a gold base with three large pointed diamonds at the center and is heavily covered in pearls and other gemstones. When she puts it on the first time in her tower, it fits perfectly and that prompts her to start thinking of the things in her life that don’t add up, when before she has just brushed them aside for fear of upsetting the woman she believed was her mother.

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