Disney’s Frozen-inspired wedding theme ideas to create a super starry ambience for your happily ever after

Disney’s Frozen is of the prettiest and most popular films that made us a whole lotto obsessed with the idea of getting married in a fancy castle with royal adornments (just like princesses). With the combination of soft blue and pastel pink themes, beautiful bloom embellishments, magical fairy lights and icicle beautification- Disney’s Frozen-inspired wedding theme ideas will spur up the appearance of your ambience in a more mystical and surreal way. With cool icy décor elements and super quirky treats like snow cones, celebrate your D-Day most enchantingly and make the merriments joyful and blissful by pulling off a beautiful Frozen-inspired theme with the elements listed below:

1. The icy blue, pink and white colour palette

A cute surreal Frozen-like wedding is incomplete without the perfect blend of taints like blue, white and silver. Make sure to go for a soft blue colour scheme and accompany it with soft pastel pink or neutral tones for a pretty cohesive appearance. Fancy chandeliers right from the entryway will aid in setting the tone while jazzing up the décor with magical and enchanted vibes.

2. An all-white tablescape

An all-white table seating, cutlery and crystal clear transparent glasses will accentuate the feel of the décor while making your space dead gorgeous. White table vases and flowers of the same colours will make a great tabletop. Long tables and large couches give the sense of warm and homely vibes while the similarly patterned seating throughout the space will uplift the appearance of the décor romantically. Don’t forget to lit up candles and a mason jar filled with fairy lights to add up to the mood instantly.

3. Pastel florals for the prettiness

Beautiful earthy and soft pink tinted surroundings are touted to be the most pixie elements of a romantic Frozen-inspired wedding ceremony. While finalising the details and picking up the tones, make sure to go with nude and chic colours, natural elements, and airy materials inspired by nature and the outdoors for a more breathtaking view. Enclose the beauty with lush greenery and bare wood textures for an awe-inspiring view.

Pastel florals for the prettiness

4. Offbeat blue lighting

Lighting assists in setting up the tone while accentuating the mood, feel and vibe of the space. Do swap your yellow lights from blue or blush pink lighting for the Frozen-inspired wedding theme. It will look uber cool while marking an ultimate appearance.

5. Bluish ice bar

Do you want to go a completely unusual yet quirky way? Well, an extensive and intricately carved ice bar is all you need. Pair it with blue lights and you will definitely win your guest’s hearts with the elegant artwork and aura it creates. A mirror fixture with blue light can also be installed as a backdrop to imitate the elements and bring out a gorgeous ambience.

Bluish ice bar

Try out these aforementioned wedding ideas and raise the slab of #weddinggoals.

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