Doctor Doom Vows Revenge on the Fantastic Four For His Ruined Wedding

Doctor Doom has seen his wedding suffer a Panic! At The Disco twist, and will ensure nobody attending leaves alive in a preview of Fantastic Four #34.

What a beautiful wedding it was – and what a shame that Doctor Doom’s bride met Johnny Storm.

Marvel has released a preview for Fantastic Four #34, the conclusion to the series’ “Bride of Doom” arc. Doctor Doom was to be married to his loyal herald, Victorious, who would become his queen and ruler of Latveria. An event this large was to be seen by the world as Doom broadcasted the ceremony and invited friends and enemies alike, including the Fantastic Four, Namor and Black Panther. However, Doom did not anticipate Victorious engaging in conversation with the Human Torch…among other things.

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Wishing to hide nothing from her husband-to-be, Victorious tried to face the subject with poise and rationality, and confessed her impassioned night with Storm to Doom on the altar. Rather than pouring the champagne though (the Panic! At The Disco references write themselves here), Doom didn’t take too kindly to his bride sleeping with another man the night before their wedding (the man being frequent foe Johnny Storm not a positive either). Any normal person would be upset at the level of betrayal experienced, but Doom, a supervillain, has never been normal – or taken too kindly to being crossed in any way, shape or form.

Of course, not every Marvel wedding works out well and things could have gone worse. Doom didn’t have to sacrifice his marriage in a literal deal with the devil to erase his identity from the minds of everyone, nor did he break up with his betrothed after a massive event saw him on the opposite side of two super teams fighting one another. Also, Johnny Storm has been known to be a flirt (putting it lightly), and the events that followed are not surprising based on his character.

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The preview picks up with the ruler seeking to execute all in attendance at the event, who are forbidden from hurting him while under the influence of technology hidden about. He reveals to the attendees, currently under fire from his robots, that the televised broadcast was not accurately live, the feed running behind. So, on the bright side for the doctor, only those present at the event bore witness to his embarrassment, but Doom wishes to bring that count down to zero by any means necessary.


  • DAN SLOTT (W) • R.B. SILVA (A) • Cover by MARK BROOKS
  • THE BRIDE OF DOOM Conclusion: “The Sacred Vow of Victor Von Doom!”
  • This issue, DOCTOR DOOM’s actions will change the life of one of the members of Marvel’s First Family in a profound way. Do not miss this final, fateful chapter! Guest-starring: Namor and the Black Panther!
  • 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

The cover of Fantastic Four #34 sees Doctor Doom fighting the attendants at his wedding.

A recap of the events of Fantastic Four's

Doom expresses the pain his bride-to-be has caused him.

The wedding attendees are attacked by Doom's forces

Doom reveals that all attendees will be executed to cover up his embarrassment.

Readers and fans can find out if this marriage is saved and close the door on this arc in Fantastic Four #34, on sale July 28 from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Marvel

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