Does This Couple Have a Chance at Survival?

TLC’s I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3 left us with a lot of questions. One big question you might have is if the remaining couples will last. Ethan and Leyna are one couple who raise a few questions. Do they have a chance at staying together? Here’s our take.

Leyna has issues with Ethan’s mother

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Leyna said on many occasions that she feels disrespected by Ethan’s mother, Esther. She is uncomfortable with what she perceives as flirting between Ethan and his mother.

During the show, the cameras capture Ethan complimenting his mother by saying how “sexy” she is and how great she looks. He also slaps her on the behind during a dance rehearsal for the wedding. When asked about song choices for the mother-son dance, Ethan recommends Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.”

Leyna says she is embarrassed by Ethan and Esther’s behavior. She doesn’t know how to explain to her friends and family that this is how her future husband interacts with his mother. Although Ethan and Esther think their behavior is normal, Leyna says the way they act is inappropriate for a mother and son.

Leyna seemed to have second thoughts toward the end of ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ season 3

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<p>Toward the end of season 3, it seemed as if Leyna was having second thoughts. When she was trying on her wedding dress with her mother, she became upset. Although she was trying to act like everything was OK, she confessed to her mother that she feels very uncomfortable with Esther and Ethan’s behavior.</p>
<p>For the final update, we learn that Ethan and Leyna’s wedding has been postponed. Leyna says the wedding was delayed because of Ethan’s ailing cat, Dennis (the cat later died). When Esther was asked if this was the only reason for the wedding being postponed, she paused, but later said that it was the only reason.</p>
<h2>Are Leyna and Ethan still together?</h2>
<p>As of this writing, it seems like Leyna and Ethan are still together. Leyna still has photos of Ethan on her Instagram page. Ethan has a few pictures of Leyna on his page as well. So far, it appears the couple is hanging in there.</p>
<p>Although it looks like Leyna and Ethan are together, it’s unclear when the wedding will take place. There haven’t been any updates on either of their social media pages.</p>
<h2 id=Our take

Unless Ethan and Esther follow Leyna’s wishes and tone down their behavior, it doesn’t look like this relationship will go much further. If Ethan and Leyna get married and the behavior continues, it could put a strain on the marriage. Hopefully, Ethan and Leyna figure things out and decide on a compromise that works for both of them.

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