Dog crashes owners’ wedding ceremony

PORTSMOUTH, R.I. (CNN) – A Rhode Island couple wanted their dog at their wedding, but he surprised them by racing down the aisle and trying to jump on the bride’s dress.

With dog owners wanting their pets to participate in their weddings, doggie care services like For the Love of Paws now exist that do nothing but prep pets for the big event.

But how do you prepare for Colonel, a yellow lab that trainer Danielle Marchessault described as “excited and fired up”?

Colonel, a yellow lab, may have been invited to his owners, Kate and Drew Gunio’s, wedding, but he still crashed it, causing some delightful trouble.(Source: Carly Michelle Photography via CNN)

His owners, Kate and Drew Gunio, say they’re obsessed with their dog and decided there was no way they could get married without having him there. But Colonel didn’t just walk down the aisle at the wedding in Portsmouth, Rhode Island; he ran down it.

The bride says she was most worried about her dress at the time, but her husband-to-be protected the garment at all costs, placing himself between her and Colonel. He even reached in his pocket and pulled out a rawhide treat for the dog.

The jumping and excited Colonel knocked over the microphone set up for the vows.

“He’s always been the biggest goofball, and we’re so glad that all of our friends and family got to see him live and in action. It’s something that everyone will always remember, right?” Kate Gunio said.

Despite the mishap, Colonel was allowed to stay – until he jumped up on the bride’s dress in the middle of the vows.

“At which point, that was where we said, ‘Colonel, it’s time for you to go,’” Kate Gunio said.

The trouble-making – and wedding-crashing – dog was then escorted away by his trainer.

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