Dog the Bounty Hunter and His New Wife Reveal a Christmas Card for His Fans

Duane “Dog” Chapman took a moment away from engaging with the media and pushing his views on law enforcement across the nation to share a Christmas wish with his wife. Dog and new wife Francie Frane shared a photo from their wedding as their Christmas photo for this year, wishing their fans and supporters a Merry Christmas.

Frane is in her wedding dress while seated in front of a fireplace with her sneaker-clad feet up on the ledge in front of the flames. Dog is taking a knee next to her, leaning in on his knee while clad in a black and silver suit. “Merry Christmas and God bless!,” the caption of the photo read.

The holidays have been a time for Chapman and his new bride to appreciate their union and celebrate their marriage. They had to put the nuptials on hold for a bit due to the pandemic and then the Brian Laundrie search after Gabby Petito’s disappearance interrupted his honeymoon. 

“I’m feeling extra thankful this year as I kick off the holiday season with my lovely bride. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!” Chapman wrote in another post for Thanksgiving, marking the beginning of the holidays.

Chapman was a focal point during the hunt for Laundrie, claiming his team was on top of the search despite not working with police directly. Chapman drew a lot of controversy for his public comments against Laundrie and his parents. “Let me have you, Brian,” Chapman said in video during an interview with The Sun. “What did you do? You’re living it every night, aren’t you, boy? Turn yourself in, Brian. For once in your life, be a man.”

At the same time, Chapman was facing drama within his extended family in the wake of ex-wife Beth Chapman. Daughters Bonnie and Cecily Chapman hinted at drama with their father ahead of the wedding due to their lack of invite. Then they started to speak out about his behavior, with him claiming his children had been brainwashed.

“As far as the idea that I’m being brainwashed, this is the dumbest thing my father has ever said. I didn’t believe he would go this far to discredit me so much as to say I was brainwashed. I am concerned about him,” Bonnie Chapman said to Entertainment Tonight. “He has begun to believe crazy conspiracy theories. The only credibility my dad has to speak about brainwashing is perhaps as a victim.”

For the holidays, it is just Dog and his new wife. No other family is present for the Christmas greeting, which sends a small signal if paying attention. Chapman has also been facing outrage over racial claims supported by his estranged daughters.