Duel For the Rose Bride With This ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena’ Anthy Himemiya Cosplay

This Anthy Himemiya cosplay is the gorgeous, detail-oriented costume work we dream about when we start new projects.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of the quintessential anime of the late nineties. Premiering in 1997 the show follows Utena as she joins the prestigious Ohtori Academy and duels through the Student Council to win the Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya.

Sort of. There’s a lot of this series including deconstructing fairy tales and gender norms and heavy use of surrealism and metaphor. Not to mention one of the first depictions of queer romance some of us remember seeing in anime. Utena remains an instantly recognizable series more than twenty years later because it became an icon for a generation of anime watchers.

The character Anthy is one of the most interesting characters in the series. This soft-spoken and kind character is treated as a prize to be won by many of the characters in the series. But we quickly learn that there is more to her than almost anybody else at the school.

Cosplayer Choco brings her to life with breathtakingly gorgeous cosplay. This costume has thoughtful details on thoughtful details and construction that is literally master-level craftsmanship. When I imagine over-designed and hyper-intricate versions of cosplays, Choco’s take on Anthy is an example of what I could only hope to achieve one day.

Anthy Himemiya, with permission by CosplayChoco

Photo by Kirsche Photography
Photo by Kirsche Photography

“I am the Rose Bride.”

Photo by Kirsche Photography
Photo by Kirsche Photography

“People find it hard to doubt those they’ve fallen in love with. They can’t even imagine they’re being deceived and used.”

Photo by Kirsche Photography, Utena by Marina Sharpe
Photo by Kirsche Photography

“I feel it’s hard for me to deal with a place where there are so many people. Somehow, they all start to look the same”

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