Earn in Lakhs by Growing Rajnigandha Flowers

Rajnigandha Flowers

Many people in India lost their jobs due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Not only this, companies and businesses also suffered huge loss. In such situation people are looking for new business opportunities, hence, in this article, we will tell you about a business that is very easy to do and it will provide good income.

Flowers are always in demand. Therefore, if you start cultivation of flowers then it will surely provide you good income.

How to start your own Flower Business?

Here’s how you can start your own business in this Corona period;

With Rajnigandha (Tuberose) flower cultivation you can earn great profits. These are beautiful white colour fragrant flowers, and you can earn in lakhs through its cultivation. Tuberose is a night blooming perennial plant.  

If you cultivate tuberose flowers in an acre land, then you will get around 1 lakh sticks of tuberose flowers. And you can sell these flowers in nearby flower markets. Or you can also sell these flowers in wedding houses, big temples, flower shops, etc.  

Depending upon the demand and supply of tuberose flower, you can earn Rs. 2 to Rs. 6 per flower. In this way you can earn Rs. 2 to Rs. 6 lakh by cultivation on an acre land.  

How to Grow Rajnigandha? 

  • To grow tuberose flowers, choose the land where the soil drains well. And increase the fertility and drainage of soil by applying cow dung fertilizer or organic fertilizer on the land. You can also use peat moss/compost/ ground bark/ decomposed manure. 

  • Make sure that soil is well drained, as tuberose will not thrive in waterlogged soil.

  • Choose the location where they will receive full sun. In hot areas, light shade is also fine.

  • Tuberose can be grown by bulbs, bulbets, and seeds. And the most common method for commercial propagation is through bulbs. Select fine quality tuberose bulbs for better yield and quality.

  • Bulbs are separated from clumps by rubbing off the loose scales, and also remove the long roots. 

  • The spacing distance varies as per soil and climatic conditions. In general, spacing of 20×20 cm is suitable. 

  • After planting, proper irrigation is required to settle the soil around bulbs. Root and top growth will form in a week or two. And regular watering (deep watering once a week) and fertilizer application is must, as tuberose are heavy feeders.

Tuberose plant bloom in around 90 to 120 days after planting. And you can cut the flower stems for bouquet decoration and selling purpose. And this will also help the plant to produce new flower spikes.  

Tuberose can be cultivated from April to September. And the best thing about these flowers is, once they are planted, can flower about 3 years. So you don’t need to sow it every year, you only need to pluck flowers again and again. 

And tuberose neither face any major disease nor pests. And demand for this flower is throughout the year.  

Tuberose flowers are mostly grown in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal.

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