Egyptian bride dies in arms of her groom 30 minutes after wedding

An Egyptian bride passed away in the arms of her newly-wed husband just half an hour after the couple’s wedding.

The young bride, Nadia Taha Madhi, after a heart attack, collapsed to death in the arms of her lover 30 minutes after the ceremony as she still adorned her wedding dress. She had spoken to her father 25 minutes before he received the devastating news of his daughter’s death.

“My daughter was overjoyed during her wedding party where she danced with her sisters and received her guests joyfully. I headed directly to my home after the wedding to take rest after a long day. She called me once I arrived home;  30 minutes later, I received the shocking news about her sudden death,” her father told the media.

The shattered father who insisted that his daughter be buried in her wedding dress said, “I am still in a shock as I cannot understand what happened but all I have is prayers for her. May Allah reunite us with her in paradise and give us the courage and patience to bear the loss.”