Eight lucky brides will receive a free wedding dress for their service

BALTIMORE — There are so many memorable things on a wedding day, the vows, the guest, and of course the bride’s wedding dress. They normally cost thousands of dollars, but what if it was free.

Friday morning, eight women tomorrow will feel the joy of saying yes to the dress!

The organization Brides Across America is teaming up with Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Shop to give eight lucky brides their dream wedding dress, all for free.

WMAR 2-News visited Mallory Tarschis, who is the owner of Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Shop, and she’s ready to make a bride’s dream come true.

“People often think that oh because it’s a free wedding dress, we’re just gonna have them walk in, give them a dress off the rack and they’re just gonna walk out that’s not it. They’re a bride just like all of our pain brides. They deserve the full experience so they are going to be paired with a very trained stylist, who are going to put them in different silhouettes, different styles and really narrow down their, their dream wedding dress,” said Tarschis.

This is an annual giveaway that shows gratitude to our military, first responders, and Covid-19 health care workers in the form of a wedding dress.

“I think it’s so important to always humble ourselves and remember to give back to those who have given so much, so I feel very honored to be a part of this event and be honored to host this annually,” said Tarschis.

“This is a time to be grateful and spread deserving thanks to those that have given their selfless acts of service to our country,” said Heidi Janson, founder of Brides Across America.

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