Elopement dresses and suits to shop in Australia.

Have you noticed?

The brides. They’re over it.

After almost two years of postponed weddings, deposits lost, appointments made and cancelled, guest lists shortened and expanded and shortened again, endless questions from nosey relatives, many tears, and countless passive aggressive supplier emails,
they’ve had enough.

Tired and jaded and hesitant to plan all over again, many engaged couples are now choosing to eschew the traditional ceremony and reception packages for more intimate elopements.

It’s a trend we’ll see much more of in 2022, and for some it will be a breath of fresh air – the pressure’s off, and you and your betrothed have every excuse in the book to do what *you* want to do, minus all the other stuff. 

It also opens up a whole other can of worms pertaining to nosey relatives, but that’s a different article.

The big question hanging over the heads of brides that have chosen to elope is – what the hell do I wear?

Speaking of things to wear, have you listened to our new fashion podcast yet? On this episode, we discover the summer dress everyone can wear. Post continues below.

For a quick registration at the courthouse, or a quiet dinner with close friends and loved ones, or a ceremony in the park, just you two: big-old-gown or nah?

It’s a highly personal choice, and one that has many brides-to-be feeling slightly perplexed.

A friend of mine bought a beautiful custom-made wedding dress in 2018, but after three postponed weddings, and now facing a scaled-down event sometime in 2022, it’s just no longer what she wants to wear. The silhouette has dated. She’s changed, too.

So on the weekend she went shopping for something else to wear, thinking she’d spring for a dress off the rack. And she found… nothing. 

As another person who’s due to get married sometime next year and considering a smaller, no-fuss ordeal, I’m also on the lookout for alternative options to a traditional dress. So I’ve done a little research. 

From styles that fit every body to dresses you’ll actually wear again, here are my favourite picks. No awkward fitting or six-month wait required.

On-trend elopement outfits.

Cult American brand Reformation,
which excels in its sustainability initiatives, offers an edit of casual wedding and elopement dresses. 

Image: Reformation.