Erika Jayne Is Having “Really Good Sex” With “Secret Admirer”

Erika Jayne is not shy about “having a lot of sex” post-divorce.

On the May 11 season 12 premiere on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Bravo star gave some juicy details about her love life amid her separation from husband Tom Girardi.

During a lunch date with co-star Lisa Rinna at Erika’s house, Lisa inquired about a bouquet, “Who are these flowers from?”

“There’s a secret admirer,” the “Pretty Mess” singer confessed.

“Have we had any dates?” Lisa asked and Erika replied, “No…I’ve had some sex though.”

Lisa congratulated Erika on her new no-strings-attached hookups, because, as Erika put it, she’s “been married for all of my adult life.”

Erika added, “I’m back in the dating pool, but I’m much more interested in having really good sex with nice people. And maybe some not-so-nice people.”

Later on during a fitness class with Garcelle Beauvias, Erika shed light on the hardships she endured after leaving Tom.