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When it comes to ethical gemstones for engagement rings, we’ll be the first to admit that we hope to see them on every ring finger one day. You may say that I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one. With modern couples embracing colorful wedding day fashion, unique floral ingredients and sculptural muses for their fetes near and far, it’s only fitting that jewelry brands are following suit. But why follow the caboose when you can meet the leader of the pack that laid the tracks in the first place? We’ve been long-time lovers of Australian jewelry brand Grew & Co, and it’s been exciting to see their sparkle stones growing in popularity through the years. With a stone supply covering everything from teal sapphire to grey spinel to champagne diamond, their signature is our bread and butter. And it’s time we gave them a fresh e-introduction that shows off all their glitzy new pieces!

Conflict-Free Engagement Rings With Colorful Gemstones

Our introduction into the world of precious gemstones felt a little like those kids wandering into Narnia for the first time. We could never go back! Champagne diamonds with golden hues transported us to the ethereal sun-kissed landscapes of NSW, while rare Parti sapphires shone with so much brilliance, our eyes were left dancing for hours. Grew & Co’s inventory serves up these beauties in spades, and we’re always left with the same happy-go-lucky feeling after witnessing these colorful engagement rings that we had the very first time we met.

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Of course, mind-blowingly stunning hues are only half the puzzle. Grew & Co makes up the rest with a creative approach to engagement ring design that employs such radiant techniques as half halo diamond accents, tapered baguettes and custom kite-shaped diamonds to flank the center gemstone cut! There’s no question about it. We’d commit to a colorful engagement ring from Grew & Co in .02 seconds flat. Probably less tbh.

Aside from all the pretty… and it is a lot of pretty… Grew & Co is incredibly attuned to the global conversation about ethical sourcing and socially conscious labor practices. Being hands on for every touch point throughout the entire production process from initial stone sourcing from family-owned suppliers and gemstone miners to final delivery of pieces adhering to the Kimberley Process, let’s just say they understood the assignment. The center of the hubbub is their in-house studio in Sydney, Australia, where skilled artisans create each piece with a superior level of craftsmanship. The kind that has us begging to be their apprentices for a day… but equally the kind that has us saying, let’s just make like Beyonce and put a 800 rings on it instead.

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Where to Find Unique Wedding Bands

Right about now, you may be saying to yourself, “Okay, cool. I have a new obsession. But where do ethical gemstones for engagement rings get me if I risk not finding a wedding band that complements?!” Friend, that risk is nil when you consider the plethora of diamond-studded wedding bands in silver, gold and rose gold hues already available from the same source. The modern wedding bands in Grew & Co’s current portfolio are like frosting on a cake…. perfectly complementary and oh-so-deliciously sweet.

They are quite literally made to pair with the bold nature of colorful engagement rings (and are customized to fit them too). How so? The art of drawing the eye to the right places. Soft, v-shaped bands with scattered diamonds like their new Amelie fit exquisitely with the marquise salt and pepper style in the same collection, but also with this emerald cut tourmaline, for example. But the buck doesn’t stop there! You’ve got curved, crown and firecracker shapes too, so that no matter what statement you want to make with your engagement ring + wedding band pair, you’re simply spoilt for choice.

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How To Personalize Your Engagement Ring

The equivalent of modern day heirlooms, bespoke engagement rings are a wonderful direction for couples who want to celebrate their individuality and/or start a new tradition for generations to come. While there’s no shortage of beauty in their ready-to-wear supply, you may find yourself dreaming of a custom spread of gems to symbolize different chapters of your love story together. Or maybe you just like the way a different sized stone looks on your finger! That’s where customization comes in. And Grew & Co’s team is equipped to handle anything and everything.

Exploring this route doesn’t come with financial risk either. You’ll work with a design consultant on the overall vision and ideal price point, you’ll choose your stone(s), and then it’s time for production! Obligation-free with deposits only after you green light the design + quote for production, there’s no reason not to try the bespoke engagement ring approach.

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Complete Your Wedding Day Jewelry Checklist

You didn’t think engagement rings and wedding bands for women were it, did you? Grew & Co is launching a whole new collection of men’s wedding band this December, and we have a feeling it’ll be replete with both classic polished and textured touchstone finishes.

In addition to men’s rings, you can also expect to see a ready-to-wear collection of everyday jewelry launching this winter. I see you, pendant necklaces!

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It’s about time you planned a visit to their flagship store in Sydney, don’t ya think? Travel restrictions be darned, they offer worldwide shipping and Virtual Appointments that get you up close + personal with their workshop, artisans and most beloved pieces. Even if you can’t see where the magic is made in person, you can experience the wonderful world of Grew & Co in more ways than daily Insta pining. If that isn’t good news, we don’t know what is! Check out their online shop here and drop a comment with your favorite styles below!

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