Event venue gives free wedding dresses to Hillsborough County teachers

Jenna Rose has found her passion in teaching. 

“I love teaching so much,” she said. “These faces right here. The reason why I’m here every single day. They come into my room with a smile.” 

Rose has been teaching for four years. 

“Just their excitement to be here is what fuels me to be excited to be here,” she explained. “I can’t stop shaking.” 

Rose is also excited about something else. She is getting a free wedding dress from the Regent, an entertainment venue for her wedding later this year. 

“I’m just incredibly grateful,” she gushed. “This is so unbelievable. So cool.” 

Last year, the Regent, gave away 17 wedding dresses to front-line workers. This year they decided to play fairy godmother to educators. 

“It makes my heart happy,” commented Regent CEO Shannon Keil. “Because they get to feel like they are special and that’s important because they make our kids feel special.” 

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Rose says teachers are really thankful when the community makes them feel special. 

“It’s really, really awesome,’ she shared. “It just means so much to us whenever someone does give us an appreciation. Even just like a $5 gift card just means the world but like this.” 

For Rose, it’s a grade she never expected to get. 

“This is more than I could ever dream. It’s more than I could have ever imagined. It’s more than I could ever ask.” For The Regent, the dresses are a small gesture to say thank you to Rose and other educators for all their hard work. 

The Regent has about 45 dresses left and any Hillsborough educator can apply. Nominations are due by February 25 and winners will be announced May 5.

LINK: For more information visit www.TheRegentFl.com .