Everything We Know About Winter House’s Rachel Clark’s Florist Business

Winter House season 2 will premiere on October 13, and fans are excited to hear more about new cast member Rachel Clark’s florist business. Rachel’s journey to reality stardom began after she saved Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula’s wedding day on Summer House season 6. Kyle and Amanda, who will also appear on Winter House season 2, hired Rachel to do their flower arrangements after the initial people they hired dropped out.

Thankfully, Rachel rescued the event with her stunning floral designs. Briefly, after Rachel’s triumphant appearance at the wedding, fans were left wondering if they will see Rachel again on Summer House next year. While the cast for next season has yet to be confirmed, Rachel was recently announced as one of the three newbies joining Winter House.


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Rachel, whose business, Dearest Rachel, is based out of New York City, is continuing to bring color with her floral arrangements to her many clients. On Rachel’s website, Dearest Rachel, the Winter House star advertises the 40+ clients she works with, including Chanel, Gucci, and Bravo. According to her website, Rachel, who is on Winter House with Jessica Stocker, arranges stunning bouquets for weddings, floral installations, celebratory occasions, and corporate events. Rachel also proudly shares on her Instagram bio that she earned a spot on Florists’ Review’s top 35 florists under 35 in April 2022. The goal of the exclusive list is to acknowledge young entrepreneurs who work in the floral industry. Thanks to peer nominators, florists like Rachel are being honored for their artistic talents.

Rachel describes herself as being “in a relationship with flowers.” Her love of flowers began at a young age when an associate mentioned an opening at a flower shop in Manhattan. When it comes to flowers, Rachel, who will be on Winter House with Kory Keefer claims that they bring her happiness and appreciation for life. She admitted to seeing herself being the owner of a flower showroom in the next five years. Rachel is not shy about detailing her love of flowers on social media either. In fact, Rachel recently did the flower arrangements for Kourtney Kardashian’s fashion show for her new line with Boohoo. With her business continuing to grow, Rachel understands the importance of keeping fans updated on projects.

With Winter House season 2 premiering soon, fans are looking forward to what Rachel will bring to the season. She saved Kyle and Amanda’s wedding, and now viewers are hoping Rachel will find love on the show. Even though she isn’t that big a fan of cold weather, Rachel won’t let that stop her from opening up, embarking on new adventures, and possibly finding love on Winter House.

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