Everything You Need To Know About The Champagne Wall Wedding Trend

Now that your champagne wall is standing, it’s time to add the finishing touches. A picture perfect champagne wall will have the appearance of glasses floating midair. Mark The Builder makes his own wood-based holders, cutting spaces just large enough for glasses to be placed. Alternatively, you can shop for champagne glass holders online. Etsy offers inexpensive champagne glass holders that you can glue or screw onto your champagne wall’s pegboard.

Flowers and fake grass can make your champagne wall pop even more. You can staple rectangular sections of fake grass onto your pegboard. For more embellishment, you can line the wall with flowers, leaves, or other decorations. A hand-made or store-bought sign reading “Cheers” would finish off your wall perfectly.

You don’t have to break the bank or be a wood-working pro to pull off a champagne wall for your wedding. You can mix and match online retailers and do as many crafts as you’d like to create the perfect functional backdrop for your reception. Your guests will be raising their glasses in awe of your bubbly take on this wedding trend.