EXCLUSIVE: Anaita Shroff Adajania on styling Katrina’s wedding: The planning was going on for months


The buzz wedding of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal is still the talk of the town and we don’t think we can get over this phase anytime soon. The couple ended the ‘will they, won’t they’ speculations by tying the knot on December 9th in the exotic backdrop of Rajasthan’s Six Senses Fort. As the news broke, we couldn’t wait to see Katrina in her bridal look and when we finally did, Oh boy! Our hearts did a somersault. And all thanks to Anaita Shroff Adajania! The ace fashion stylist who had made a name for herself in the Indian and global fashion industry with her skilful works is also a close friend of the bride and has styled the diva multiple times including her upcoming movie Tiger 3. In an exclusive tete-a-tete with us, Anaita shells out details on Katrina’s stunning looks, her favourite among them and also a scoop on what all went behind the scenes of the fairytale wedding. 

When Katrina Kaif spilled the beans of her hush-hush wedding plan to Anaita Shroff, like any best friend, she kept it under the wraps.“I didn’t even tell my husband about it”. On asking about her initial reaction, she says, “ I was immensely happy for her and felt very special and privileged to style her for the wedding.” Anaita, like always, did an impressive job and stunned us all with Kat’s royal looks. She credits the whole team and their great work for pulling it off so perfectly.


Each look of Katrina from her wedding ceremonies had a different story to tell. It’s a no-brainer that a lot of thought process went behind each as Anaita confirms that they had a different mood board and theme for each. Anaita who was keen on having a narrative behind each look tells, “The planning was going on for months. Everything was pretty organic. We would sit together, talk and ideate but the actual fieldwork and execution were done in a short span, pretty close to the wedding.” 

katrina kaif wedding

The Sooryavanshi actress looked every bit regal in her Sabyasachi handwoven matka silk lehenga that featured fine tilla work and embroidered zardozi borders in velvet.“It was Katrina’s dream to wear red.” Anaita says the beautiful, perfect Sabya red and the way she brings a heritage feel to everything makes it all the more special. She worked with Mrinalini Chandra and Rahul Luthra for getting every minute detail in Katrina’s custom kaleeras right. The beautiful kaleeras featured beautifully crafted bespoke messenger doves, personalised coin charms and bore hand-written messages by the bride herself. Anaita says Katrina’s trust in her work helped them work wonders. Her experiment with white paper flower jewellery for the Haldi ceremony was a hit. Wanting something soft and delicate to match with her white lehenga, Anaita got the dry floral jewellery ready in a week’s time from a Mumbai-based brand known as Floral Art & Design Studio by Srishti. She says, “ I experimented at home by tea-dipping the florals to give them that vintage look.” 

katrina kaif wedding

Anaita’s idea for Katrina’s Mehendi look was to keep it “relaxed, easy, festive and folk” to go with a free spirited celebration. The craft rich lehenga by Sabyasachi was accessorised up with complimenting jewellery and the stylist’s favourite was the antique bajubands. She says how the turquoise shade of the jewellery highlighted the yellow base of her fabric and the off-colour, muted embroidery on her blouse crafted up a narrative. Anaita says, “There is satisfaction in taking care of the intricate and minute details of a look, the excitement of finding the right things to create the right mix. Not everything will probably be sported in the pictures.” 


For the sundowner, the look that stole everyone’s heart and visually transported us to fairyland, Anaita wanted to “create an emotion of a romantic white wedding” and her unique take was bringing that feeling in a saree with a starry veil, long trail and a bouquet of flowers. She credits the designer for bringing her vision into life, “Sabya came up with the most beautiful tone-tone, nude tulle saree featuring hand-cut flowers that were appliqued together in the softest of pastels.” Her hand-picked floral bouquet was made from individually plucked flowers from a bigger bouquet and it matched the pastel palette of her pre-wedding look.


On being asked which was her favourite look out of all Anaita says, “That’s a tough question. Personally, between the Mehandi and pre-wedding look, I would say the nude floral saree.” And by looking at how mesmerising Kat looked in the floral daze saree with a veil on, we couldn’t agree more with her. 


Which was your favourite look from Katrina’s wedding ceremonies? Tell us in the comments below.

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