Father Carries Bride-To-Be Daughter Across Floodwaters, Netizens Swoon Over Gesture

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Fathers have always maintained the title of being their daughters’ first love.

They give everything they have and even more at times.

This particular dad however, took an extra step to ensure his daughter’s special day remained as special as it could be.

Even more perhaps.

A tear jerking video uploaded by TikTok user @oohlysa, showed a father carrying his daughter across floodwaters to get her to her pelamin.

The bride is seen shedding tears as her father puts her down on the dry end and turns around to walk back into the house.

Netizens on the other hand did not disappoint with their comments.

While some shared how the gesture had moved them to tears, others joked about their own relationship with their fathers.

TikTok user @fiyrenhl said they would also like a father such as the one in the video but were worried that their father would break his back carrying them.

Another TikTok user @sabrinaghazali_ said while she would want the same to happen to her, her father could never carry her at 80kg.

Many also commended the father’s gesture.

Dad always be superhero for their daughter.

@_dxnixlrshd via TikTok

Another TikTok user @flomsya said the video made her cry because she wished she had a father like that.

Did this video move you to tears as well? What’s your relationship like with your dad?

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