Fed Up Kitchen Launches Wedding Prep Meal Service in Las Vegas

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Fed Up Kitchen Summerlin owner Linzie Clawson is set to release a new spin on meal prep at the Bridal Spectacular Wedding Expo  on August 26th and 27th 2022.

Clawson’s first goal in Las Vegas is to help women eat better, feel better and look better to prepare for their wedding day,  as well as, maintain a healthy lifestyle afterwards.

Wedding planning can create a lot of stress leading up to the big day so Clawson has created simple ingredients for great meals that help de-bloat, give more energy, weight loss and give skin a healthy glow. In addition to fruits and vegetables, Clawson says to look for lean proteins like chicken, turkey , eggs or salmon and healthy fats from nuts and avocados.  Fed Up kitchen even offers gluten free treats for those who like to have a dessert after dinner.
She said kicking carbs is hard, so if you can’t, at least eliminate refined white carbs and opt for whole grains like quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes several weeks before your special day.

Fed Up Kitchen is a lifestyle that helps anyone reach their personal goals.

Linzie Clawson, a single mom with 4 children, started her first Fed Up Kitchen location in 2014 in St.George, Utah.  In 2018 she opened another location in Draper, Utah. In 2021 she came to Summerlin, Las Vegas and by 2022 she was franchising more stores. Presently there are 5 stores of Fed Up kitchen in Utah and Las Vegas.

For more information visit  https://SummerlinFedupkitchen.com
Or email Gio.Elmore@gmail.com
Or call 385-282-8847