Fight with son over bride lifting, video will leave you laughing

Beautiful Bridal Dance: This funny video was shared on the social media platform Instagram by an id named sakhtlogg and the caption reads ‘Yes there is a little pain, but it’s painful’, then in the same video it is funny written ‘Didi took the wrong support’ .

There has been a scandal with the son about taking the bride

Image Credit Source: Instagram

Funny wedding videoAs the wedding season approaches, social media But there are a plethora of related videos. Wedding procession or not dance video Be it the video of the bride and groom dancing or the farewell of the bride, all such videos are seen on social media. Such videos sometimes make people happy and sometimes laugh, and many videos even bring tears to people’s eyes.

These days one such video has created panic on social media, which you can’t stop laughing after watching, it can’t happen. This video is such that it will automatically put a smile on people’s faces. You must have seen that nowadays there is a trend of carrying the bride on the stage in weddings. A similar thing can be seen in the viral video, in which some boys try to pick up the bride, but in the process, one of them gets into a fight that turns the poor guy’s face.

In the video you can see the groom standing in front, some boys together picking up the bride. Meanwhile, the bride puts her hand on a boy’s head for support and tries to hold his hair, but he holds her hair so tightly that the poor man’s mouth is open. It looks like the bride is pulling her hair for support. The reaction of the boy is worth watching.

What the bride did with her son, see the video:

Share this funny video on social media platform Instagram sakhtlog The name was shared on the ID and while the caption reads ‘Haan thoda dard hua, par chalta hai’, the video jokingly reads ‘wrong support le liya didi ne’. The video has so far been viewed over 10,000 times, while hundreds of people have liked the video and given various reactions.