Floral Spirits You Should Try At Least Once

Tattersall Distilling also makes a floral blend liqueur, but theirs, at least, does not share a name with any of the fairy godmothers in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty as they call it Crème de Fleur (making it a character in the Potter-verse, instead). Crème de Fleur is, however, also made in the Midwest –- Minneapolis, in this case. Okay, we are hereby crowning this region the official homeland of floral liqueurs. Of all the flower-blend liqueurs, Crème de Fleur has the most bountiful blooms as it includes seven different types of flowers plus additional botanicals. We’re not sure which ones, though, as Tattersall does not mention them by name.

It may not actually matter that we don’t know the flowers in this boozy bouquet. As one Distiller review noted, “It’s difficult to pick out any single floral aroma or flavor, which is what sets this floral liqueur apart from its ilk.” We think this is meant in a good way as they awarded it a score of 91 overall. As this drink is less sweet than many of its fellow florals, it’s suitable for sipping on its own. It also works well in gin drinks like the G&T, Tom Collins, gin fizz, gimlet, and French 75 and can be added to a sangria or mixed with ginger beer to make a flowery mule.