Florists Reveal 2022’s Hottest Bridal Bouquet Trends

Florists are seeing two very different styles trending this year. Mary-Anne Da’Marzo of London’s The Last Bunch told The List that many of their wedding clients are drawing “inspiration from wild, natural-looking garden arrangements as opposed to traditional shapes.” Instead of the traditional domed bouquet, Da’Marzo said the “wild garden style” is what brides are gravitating towards, with blush pink peonies and white roses still major focal points. The popularity of the vintage vibes is thanks in part to Bridgerton’s success, Bri Marbais, a bridal stylist at The Bridal Finery in Winter Park, Florida, told Wedding Wire. Marbais says the flowers you’ll want to consider for this aesthetic include garden roses, baby’s breath, peonies, and snapdragons.

Clarissa Marchia, founder of Boston’s Lucy Blooms, told The List that she’s also noticed a minimalistic trend for bridal bouquets, where brides opt to carry only a few unique stems rather than a big bouquet of roses and lilies. Other trending flowers for bridal bouquets, per Wedding Wire, are flowers you might find in your own backyard: tulips, daisies, hydrangeas, and even Queen Anne’s lace.

The most surprising trend Jacyln Watson — of Jaclyn Watson Events in Stowe, Vermont — has seen is brides wanting cascade bouquets (via Wedding Wire). Watson says for 2022, brides have been including things like vines and other greenery mixed with flowers like anemones, orchis, and jasmine.