Flower Trend Predictions For 2023, According To Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild

From Barbiecore bouquets to climate-friendly plants, Bloom & Wild has revealed the biggest flower trend predictions for 2023.

Whether you’re on the hunt for beautiful blooms for your home or want to know what will surge in popularity, the letterbox flower delivery company has predicted what the new year will bring — and you’ll love them all. Keep reading to see which blooms to have on your radar…

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Climate-friendly plants

Going greener is on the agenda for many, including plant parents who want to clean the air at home.

Keira Kay, Bloom & Wild’s plant expert, says: “We expect to see our Boston Ferns flying off the shelves because of their rippled edges, they are experts at soaking up pollutants in the air like formaldehyde, xylene and toluene, and the rippled edges are perfect for the wavy interiors trend.

“The other forerunners in terms of CO2 absorption are the Snake Plant, Succulents and Prayer Plant, all of which are available with stylish pots to make them the perfect gift for yourself, a friend…and the planet!”

Pressed flowers are a wonderful way to preserve a moment in time. According to Bloom & Wild, 2023 will see more people drying and pressing their flowers into frames.

“We noticed an uplift in people sharing ways to preserve their wedding bouquets on Pinterest this year but this trend will hit the mainstream in 2023, with flower presses no longer the reserve of crafters,” Caroline Grimble, a florist, says.

“Our Flower Lover’s bouquet with roses, larkspur, lisianthius, aster and others comes with a flower press to preserve each bloom.”

Barbiecore is everywhere right now, so it’s no surprise the hot hue is making its way into the world of floristry too.

Jo Reason, Head of Brand & Range for Bloom & Wild, says: “We have already seen an increase in people searching for more vibrant pinks versus traditional pastel blush roses and predict the all-pink Barbiecore trend to surface around the middle of next year. Our bouquets will feature pink roses, tulips, stocks and lisianthus – and little greenery to break up the pink-punch.”

Households are set to fill their homes with calming bouquets of lavender next year. According to florists at Bloom & Wild, there has already been an uplift in these beautiful blooms, especially when contrasted in bouquets with coral and orange flowers.

Caroline adds: “Lavender is really growing in popularity, and there’s a chance it’ll take over from gypsophila as the wedding go-to. It has a similar ethereal feel with small blossoms but a more interesting and on-trend colour and the added bonus of an amazing scent.”

“In 2022, white was our top selling flower colour at Bloom & Wild, and we expect the demand for all-white bouquets to increase in the new year, in line with the interior and cultural trends,” says Jo Reason, Head of Brand & Range.

Lily of the Valley, the Queen’s favourite flower, symbolises love, motherhood and purity. The royal flower is expected to surge once again in 2023, with experts predicting it will make an appearance at King Charles III’s Coronation.

Caroline Grimble says: “Whilst it’s not one that can be easily sold in commercial bouquets since its stem is only 20cm long, its motif will come through in art and fashion, and we might see more of it in one-off bridal bouquets in 2023.”

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