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You can never go wrong with flowers when it comes to gifting someone on special occasions, whether joyous or sad. Today, people give flowers to one another to express their feelings and communicate emotions. Whether you want to send flowers to a friend to congratulate them on a promotion, anniversary, birthday, or to express your condolences for a loss, you can find everything you need online with Angelina’s Flowers.

The use of flowers during special occasions has been in practice since time immemorial. During ancient times, flowers played an important role in social customs in countries like Rome, Greece, Egypt, and China. The tradition of every flower having its meanings and symbolism spread out to the world in middle age, and we regard them to this day.

If you want to convey a message to someone special, you have a flower for that! In fact, every flower type and color has a different meaning, and that is also why people just don’t give flowers randomly. They have a language of their own, and you can take advantage of that! Buy a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses today to express someone your deepest love and admiration for them. For other types of messages, you have to carefully pick the flowers to ensure you’re not sending the wrong signals.

Learn about the symbolism of the most popular flowers so you can choose the right bunch whenever special occasions come. While other gifts work perfectly well, a bouquet of fresh flowers immediately elevates the gifting experience for both the giver and the recipient. They are the most classic, romantic (if you want them to be!), and thoughtful gifts you can give to someone you care about.

As you search for flowers, you will find several types of bouquets. And having multiple options while shopping for anything, in general, can make it confusing and overwhelming for you. Therefore, one of the first things you need to do to sort out your options is filter them based on the flower type/color. Once you know the flower meanings and what you need the flowers for, you can easily decide which to buy. But don’t worry; we have some suggestions for common special occasions if you don’t have the time to study about flowers right now!

Special Occasion Blooms

Is there a special occasion coming up on your calendar? Order the most beautiful flowers for the person you’re preparing to spend the day with. It might be your wedding anniversary, school prom, graduation, promotion, or just anything you consider special.

You can order our ready-made special occasions blooms today or customize one by including your special person’s favorite flowers. Here are some great flower picks for such times:

  • Orchids: beauty, love, strength, charm, and luxury
  • Camellia: affection, admiration, and love
  • Daisies: hope, new beginnings, and innocence
  • Iris: courage, faith, wisdom, and hope. Traditionally, people use Iris for their 25th anniversary.
  • Daffodils: positivity, hope, rebirth, forgiveness, and truth
  • Dahlias: elegance, love, wealth, and change

Birthday Flowers

You might want to gift flowers to a friend on their birthday. While the most popular options are yellow roses, you can create a bouquet of their favorite blooms or choose those representing your relationship.

  • Chrysanthemums: happiness, longevity, love, and joy
  • Pink Carnations: fondness and gratitude
  • Jasmine: beauty, elegance, love, and grace
  • Geraniums: friendship, good health, happiness, good wishes
  • Forget-me-nots: respect, I will always remember you, faithfulness

Wedding Flowers

While many people choose their wedding flowers according to their theme color and simply go for the ones that catch their eyes best, you can choose yours according to their meaning. Common flowers used in weddings include peonies that symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and happy marriage and red roses that symbolize romance and love. However, you also have some other amazing options including:

  • White Roses: purity, young love, and loyalty
  • Gardenias: purity and joy
  • Calla Lilies: faithfulness, purity, and holiness
  • Amaryllis: determination, love, and beauty
  • Hydrangeas: gratitude, beauty, perseverance, and grace

Sympathy and Funeral

Funeral flowers come in bouquets, casket sprays, wreaths, and hearts. Express your sympathy for a loved one by gifting elegant sympathy and funeral flowers from us. You can also order floral arrangements of the most suitable flowers for a funeral service. White lilies are the way to go for funerals because they symbolize a soul’s rejuvenation, rebirth, and purity. However, you can also opt for the following flowers:

  • Red Carnations: admiration
  • Orchids: eternal love and sympathy
  • Red Roses: courage and respect
  • Pink Carnations: remembrance
  • Gladioli: sincerity and moral integrity
  • White Roses: innocence and reverence
  • Chrysanthemums: truth and honor of a life
  • Crimson Roses: sorrow and grief

Valentine’s Day

Even if you’re not someone who buys flowers for every occasion, you must never miss them on Valentine’s Day! The practice of flower gifting on Valentine’s Day never gets old, and nothing can replace the special feeling it gives. While the red rose is the most popular bloom for this day, there are other colors you can opt for depending on the message you want to convey.

  • White Roses: purity, loyalty, and young love
  • Purple Primroses: “I can’t live without you,” and young love
  • Pink Roses: innocent love and admiration
  • Yellow Roses: friendship and joy
  • Coral Roses: passion and desire

Winter Holidays

There’s no better way to beautify an occasion than add some flowers to it. Whether you like to decorate your home during Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or any holiday or plan to host a dinner party, be sure to add some stunning flowers of the season. No matter the time of the year, you will always find the most colorful and stunning flowers with us. Here are some flowers with their meanings you can opt for holidays:

  • Christmas roses: Purity, Symbolizes Jesus and Mary
  • Narcissus: Chinese New Year, good fortune, renewal, rebirth, and wealth
  • Holly: optimism, happiness, peace, everlasting life, and good fortune
  • Red Poinsettia: success, purity, good cheer
  • Winter Jasmine: modesty and purity

Despite the occasion you’re preparing for, you can rely on online florists to fulfill all your floral needs in the best way. They can ensure prompt delivery of your flowers and gifts if you opt for their delivery service. Besides that, they ensure that you will find the freshest and the loveliest special occasions flowers at unbeatable prices when you shop from them!

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