‘Footballer Bahu’: Bride’s griha pravesh ceremony will leave you in splits | Trending

Indian weddings are an affair that may go over several days. There are so many ceremonies and rituals that a couple may find themselves attending one function after the other. Among these, a ceremony that happens after the wedding is that of griha pravesh. During this ritual, a bride enters her new home for the first time and has to push a pot of rice with her leg gently. This symbolises that the new bride will bring the goodness of wealth and prosperity to her new house. Recently, a video of a bride from her griha pravesh ceremony has gone viral on the internet and will leave you in splits.

In the video uploaded by Instagram user @sukanyaaofficial the bride and the groom are standing outside their home. The bride has a pot of rice in front of her. In excitement, the bride kicks the rice glass a little too hard, and it goes flying. Upon seeing this, the bride and the groom break into a laugh.

Take a look at the video here:

Since this video was shared, it has been viewed 3.5 million times. It also has more than one lakh likes and several comments. One person in the comments wrote, “Couple goals. Awesome penalty. ” Another person said, “I think she just wanted to flick it, but the energy was too strong.” Someone even said, “Footballer bahu.” “Training for the next world cup,” said a fourth.

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