Forced to marry for parents’ happiness, bride breaks down at wedding stage

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan rightly said, “Hum Ek Baar Jeete Hai, Ek Baar Marte Hain, Shaadi Bhi Ek Baar Hoti Hai… Aur Pyar Ek Baar Hi Hota Hai.” So, they say marry the person with whom you can spend your whole life.

Moreover, the feeling of marrying your special one is one of the most satisfying feelings ever. On the other hand, marrying the wrong person can ruin one’s entire life.

A 20-year-old Chinese woman has gone viral after having a dramatic breakdown at her wedding, admitting she was not in love with the groom and was only marrying him for her parents’ happiness and cultural norms.

The bride, Yan, shared her story online which has now gone viral. She mentioned how she was getting married only to satisfy her parents. She had met the groom on a blind date and was forced to tie the knot with him.

She expressed how she wished she was in love and married the love of her life. In the video, we can see Yan looking beautiful as a bride in a white gown. However, she seems sad and bursts into tears while the camera records her.

“I was not looking forward to marriage, but I have to meet my parent’s expectations and cultural norms. I have no other choice. My parents are getting older, and so am I,” the South China Morning Post quoted Yan as saying.

“My relatives are pushing me, and neighbours gossip about me,” she added. 

Yan revealed that she went on a blind date and found the groom to end the pressure. She decided to marry him despite having no feelings for him. Yan’s story has now gone viral on social media.