Forget Chocolates And Flowers, This Man Reveals He Proposed With An Excel Spreadsheet

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Most women would love a romantic proposal filled with surprises, flowers, the ring, getting on one knee and the million-dollar question, ‘Will You Marry Me?’.

Some men try their hardest to fulfil those dreamy cliches but not this guy.

Recently, a man named Zikri Kamarulzaman (@zikri) recounted the moments of his ‘proposal’ to his beloved wife. He didn’t get on one knee but instead presented his wife with a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet comprising their budgets and individual incomes.

The purpose behind the spreadsheet was to check whether he is stable enough to afford a wedding and a life with her, which frankly shows his determination in their financial planning.

In the thread, he stressed how important financial planning and transparency are in a relationship.

“Love doesn’t put food on the table – trust me, I have struggled to support my loved ones before,” he said.

Arini aku nak kongsi macam mana aku convince my wife @naeust to marry me.

Bukan melalui proposal penuh romantis. Tak.

Aku guna spreadsheet (ss, Nov 2021)

Dan aku da buat template free utk korg copy dan guna dan check, korg mampu tak nak kahwin.

— Zikri Kamarulzaman (@zikri) December 22, 2022

He also provided a spreadsheet template for the public to use if they wanna check their ‘financial readiness’ for marriage. Scrolling through his spreadsheet, he divided the page into three sections which are Me, You, and Life Together.

He then proceeded to list both of their net incomes, commitments and spending. If you fill out the tables with your own numbers, you would be able to get an estimation of whether you’re ready for marriage or not.

If your ‘remaining income’ and ‘savings’ section is red, then you should probably slow down on the wedding bells. If it’s yellow or green, you’re slowly getting there. But do note that this is all his method of financial planning. You can follow it if you’d like and see where you stand with your partner financially.

Just to note, although he didn’t actually propose in the traditional sense, he managed to surprise his partner with a ring that they both liked. They’ve been together for two years now and will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary in two months.

(Credit: @zikri / Twitter)

So what do you think? If your husband-to-be gives you this Excel spreadsheet instead of a cliche proposal to prove his financial stability, would you accept it or would you print the spreadsheet out and throw it in his face?

Is he being realistic or totally unromantic?

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